Sunday, September 30, 2007

Paint day, Saturday paint class, puppy drama, and a new hair do!

Paint day with Alice

I had a wonderful paint day with Alice this past Thursday. Since she took 6 classes in the month of August, she went into the drawing for a day of painting with me at my house. We painted from 10a.m. - 3p.m. with a break for a nice lunch together.

What a sweet heart Alice is to ~ she brought me a cute little frame with a picture of me, her and Nicole from a recent class and some gorgeous flowers! Thank you Alice.

Alice got to choose what she wanted to paint so we painted an antique window (she'll be the only one do get that choice as it's getting harder to find windows). She LOVES roosters and since her kitchen is done in roosters she painted a gorgeous rooster and wispy roses. I sat in the chair and coached, made suggestions and helped her that way but she PAINTED that window all by herself. Isn't it awesome! She was going to add a few things to it and once she did she will post here on her blog.

The finished project! GORGEOUS Alice!

Saturday paint class ~

What a fun time we had Saturday at paint class. We did the Birch Tree landscape.

Our group shot - with cheeky Ellen behind her canvas. Connie tried but I counted to 3 like I do with my children and she rasied it so I could see her pretty face! LOL



Ellen's painting



Stephanie won the drawing and took home the picture I painted with them in class.

Puppy drama ~
Oh my, what was I thinking - a boy and girl dog. I know they are related but Becks doesn't know that when he is trying to do inappropriate things with Posh. YIKES!
We had a scare this past week. I gave them each a doggy biscuit and within a few seconds of me giving them, Becks started tossing his head around and acting weird. My first thought was he wanted another one but I could see he was in distress. His bone had gotten stuck and he was choking. I reached my finger in and snapped the bone to make it break and got all of it out.
LESSON learned....they do not have a small dog biscuit without it being snapped in half now. SCARY!

I also got my hair cut, colored, etc. and I'm so excited about it. I am really picky with my hair are you? I waited til I went to Memphis to get my hair done once because my sister Linda has the most gorgeous hair of anyone I know. I used to have a hairdresser in England that was trained in Paris and she ROCKED! She knew exactly what to do with my hair and how I should wear it. Well, I decided to call this place that was recommended to me and luckily for me they had a cancellation that day and I could get in. Lisa (the owner) ROCKS! She knew exactly what needed to be done ~ first off, all the bottled color needed to come off. She highlighted and put a glaze on it so that it would pull up my natural tones and highlight my hair with caramel streaks. The cut is fabulous and although I went in with the thought of getting it cut like Jenny McCarthy's new hairstyle I knew Lisa would cut it the way she thought would look best. I'm quite impressed and will share a photo with you this week of my new do! For those of my local readers the salon is Ciao Bella (don't you just love that name) and her name is LISA. Let her know I sent you (they are on Russell Pkwy). You won't be disappointed at all! I have to tell you too that if Lisa is unavailable (because she travels a lot to calif. to do big wigs hair) than any of the stylists in there would ROCK your hair out for you. One lady came in while I was waiting on my color and had some not so nice looking hair. She funnily enough asked for the new bob (JennyMc.) style hair do and WOW ~ unbelievable what Rachael (i think that is her name) did with her hair. I had to tell this lady before she left what an amazing hair cut she just got!
It's worth the $$ too. I would pay a lot more knowing that the person doing it will give me what's best for me and my face shape and not do something trendy because it's what I like or what she likes. You know what I mean.

Hey, gotta give a shout out to my little sis ~ she FINALLY started a blog. She works a lot, has a hubby and 2 kids with very little time to do a blog but we are THRILLED that she started one!

Okay, enough chattering. I have to get back to painting! I will share photos with you soon of all the things I've been up to ~ getting ready for the Oliver Hardy festival in Harlem, GA. It's up between Augusta and Thomson GA. SO if you are in that area please come by on Saturday and say HELLO!

Have a wonderful week. Many blessings. Enjoy your family and friends and be GOOD to yourself!


MOM said...

Great job Alice!! Love the rooster. Can't wait to see the doo, San!! Folks can check out Debbie's (Sandy's little sisters) blog at The sun has been out here in Bavaria Germany all weekend so I have been energized to face another week of work. Plus, I have started a Bible study which Beth Moore did 10 years ago called A Woman's Heart. She has redone the study and it is touching my heart. Have a fabulous week.
Love ya,

Sandy McTier said...

Thanks MOM! They can also click on the highlighted area in that sentence and it will take them rigth to her blog! Links it automatically.
Have a great week.
Sandy :)

Sandi McBride said...

Oh, Alice's Rooster needs a capital letter, he's a capitol Rooster! And am so glad that Becks suffered not much damage from his food scare...I stopped throwing tennis balls to our dogs after we had to "Rescue911" a Golden Retriever in the park who had one wedged in his throat...had never done Heimlich on a dog before, but it CAN BE DONE!

MOM said...

I'll get hip in BLOGville eventually. Still trying to figure out dh, fil etc. I'm slow but when I get it, I got it.
Love ya,

Linda said...

Alice did a great job on the window. I am sure you guys had a great day. I'm glad you were able to take care of that bone with out having to do any doggie cpr(hehe)And I can't wait to see your hair send a picture or put one on your blog. Have a great week.
Love ya

Sugar Bear said...

I want to come painting at your house! Fabulous prize! That is so scary about Becks! Thank goodness he is okay. I am envious of the hair. I've been contemplating a new do and doing away with my highlights. I just have to get around to making the appt!

Dragonlady said...

Scary about Becks getting chokked, glad you were right there to help...the Rooster painting that Alice did is Awesome!....
Please post a pic of your new doo soon....nothing like finding a hairdresser that you can trust..
I was cometologist for 23 years...

Terry Richey said...

How exciting about your hair. You know me...never afraid, but never LOVED a single hair do I ever had in my life. Maybe I should make a trip to Ciao Bella on my next visit to GA! I got new glasses last week and the first thing I said when the eye-doctor put them on my face was "OMGosh...I had no idea I had that much grey hair in my bangs!" I did read Don the riot act for not telling me. Good luck to you and Nicole this weekend. Don and I will be in Gettysburg and Hershey PA for the long weekend, but I will be thinking about you guys!

Robyn said...

What a great day! Looks fun! And she did a wonderful job!

Terri and Bob said...

I love it when you have a great stylist! Mine lives 30 miles away and I still drive to her.

Miss*Laurence said...

Where is the photo of the hair then?! The window painting is really effective!

Anonymous said...

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