Thursday, September 06, 2007

Puppies, prizes, and finally a POST!

Here are my sweet puppies ~ Posh & Becks. They are growing too fast and are so sweet!
They are now 7.5 lbs each and judging by the size of their paws we're convinced that they aren't the miniature daschunds like there were advertised. That's okay though! Big or small they are now a part of our family and we love them.

Giveaway prize from Lidy at the French Garden House
WOW! Was August a lucky month for me or what?
I entered a few blog giveaways and I won three of them! HOW COOL is that.

Let me just tell you too how generous these ladies were to me! Not only did I get the giveaway prize ~ they put EXTRAS in there that were totally unexpected and so APPRECIATED!

If you like Crowns & Tiaras you have to have this book!
Mine is signed by one of the authors - how cool is that.

Lidy also put two crowns in the box, a beautiful card and 4 amazingly scented sachets. I knew as soon as I started opening the box there had to be some kind of sachet in there - it filled my kitchen with the sweetest smell! THANKS LIDY!
You have to go and check out her blog and her amazing online store!

I put these on a french looking stand in my bathroom last night and without opening them these sachets have filled that room with the scent of flowers!

I also won a drawing that was held during Artsymamas Artful Blogging launch party.
Carlene had a giveaway ~ giving away this magazine

~ Somerset Holidays & Celebrations

This magazine is filled with the more creative EYE CANDY and has over 170 fabulous ideas for all holidays!

Not only did I receive this amazing magazine ~ included in the package was a piece of ART created by Carlene that is featured in this issue of Somerset. HOW COOL is that?!?!

Carlene sent me this lovely egg creation and I've proudly hung it on my victorian hall tree in the entry way of my home - I know it's almost FALL but it looks perfect there and that is where it will stay! THANK YOU Carlene

Another giveaway that took place during Artsymamas party was Angelinas card giveaway. She has the most adorable giftcards and I got to pick from the huge selection ~ which was very difficult. I chose these cute RETRO PINK kitchen cards and I cannot wait to send them out to my friends with a sweet note letting them know I am thinking of them. She also included two additional cards and the sweetest business card/book mark that I've ever seen. What a very clever business idea ~ one I might steal Angelina - hope you won't mind ~ not the design but the idea. Take a moment and go and check out her online store by clicking here.

THANK YOU Angelina!

After Artsymamas party Amy left me a sweet message about the wall paper I purchased and wanted to know if I sell it ~ well, I couldn't resist so I sent her some of it and she returned the sweetest card made out of the wall paper. How adorable is this card?!?!?! Thanks AMY!

Through the wall paper post I also met Karla ~ she makes the most amazing creations ~ so click on her name and check out her blog and etsy shop. I sent her some wall paper and a few other items that I had stashed away that hopefully she can use in her creations (I don't think the box has arrived yet as I just mailed it on Tues. so I won't spoil it by listing what I sent)

and she sent me these fabulous items

(can you tell I'm an adjective girl? ~ love them)
What amazing ART made from this strip of wall paper border! The tags are huge and I already have an idea for those! THANKS Karla!

She sent me a gorgeous card that has one of the ovals on it as well, a few little cards, and a lovely vintage picture.

Robyn at Happy House of Haas sent me this tissue box. Her mom is a painter and she emailed me and asked if she could send me something.

WOW! What a beautiful tissue box and so beautifully painted ~ I love it Robyn and thank you very much for thinking of me!

Now for theupdate on the house building project ~ well, we've made some big decisions and the biggest one is it's not a good idea to start building as house and have it ready the month before retiring from a job you've had for 22 years. Hubby will retire next year from the AF and can't start looking for a job until Aug. 2008 so with that we've decided to stay put for at least another year and see what jobs are available after he retires. That will determine what we do next. We BOTH feel such a weight lifted off our shoulders and feel really good about the recent decisions. We are also looking at different house plans. As you'll remember from my previous posts that I went up to look at the house that was to be ours. It's been built once by this builder and although a beautiful house it just wasn't "US". I want it to scream "US" with our character, personality, and feeling - you know what I mean? So, with that said we are looking, slowing down and praying! I want to thank you all too for your sweet comments, thoughts and prayers with all of these decisions that we've been making lately.
I've been busy creating, painting, and playing. Will share some of these things with you soon!

Also, my blog friend Bonnie is having a Spring Party tomorrow - I know for most of us it's almost FALL but she lives in South Africa. It's tomorrow so go on over and check it here.

Have a wonderful day!


Sandi McBride said...

You lucky lucky girl! Congrats on the winnings...and wise decision about the house!!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on your winnings!

Daughter of the King said...

girl....have you been blessed or dh retired from the Air Force about 8 years sure is a time of transition...he is a GS-12 now for which we are thankful...our son WAS a C-17 pilot....he is now a reserve Major/Pilot...doing his so many weeks a year...we have lived overseas quite a bit...

Anonymous said...

You Go, Girl! Congratulations on ALL your winnings! I hope you enjoy them as much as I am enjoying your message board. (We LOVE it!!! My 9 year old daughter is ALWAYS secretly leaving me cute messages. LOL)
Cute puppies...
In Him,

tongue in cheek said...

Each photo and description you added to this post made me gasp, wonderful creative! Thank you for sharing your treasures!

Julie said...

Wow! you are so lucky!!! That tissue box would be a great idea for one of your classes too!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I am so glad that my little parcel arrived! It was sent with all the hugs and prayers for you that I could pack it with.

What a blessing you are to those around you, and I am so glad that God has showered you with some little blessings in the mail.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Wow! You are lucky! What wonderful things you got....Congrats!

Bonnie said...

Wow Sandy, so much stuff and such a busy lady! How lovely! I love your little puppies-so adorable and such cute names too! Enjoy them!

Bonnie said...

Oh I forgot to say thanks for mentioning my blog party! see you tomorrow!

Terri and Bob said...

What a blessing of gifts! When it rained, it POURED for you!

Linda said...

Hey Sis,
So glad you and Steven decided on a new plan as I know the last one was really stressing ya'll out. Looks like you racked up on some really nice goodies. You have and are definately touching lives out there.
Love ya

Terry Richey said...

I would say your a lucky girl, but you know what? Good things come to good people. You deserve it and I am excited that you won all those wonderful goodies....I am really eyeing that tissue box cover! The retro cards are really cool also! My company MAY be leaving this weekend and I can call you next week so we can catch up. I miss you bunches.

carlene federer said...

Wow Sandy, you must really be sending good vibes out into the universe! I'm so pleased you liked the magazine & the egg, I just knew that you would have a pretty house and the pink sparkly egg would be right at home there!
It's been so fun to make a new email friend, you're the sweetest!

Amy P said...

Your puppies are gorgeously cute too! Must be puppy season around here :) Looks like you've had a good luck streak with all the mail lately! Enjoy!

Kari said...

Well my gosh! You ARE the lucky one, aren't you? That's great (she said, with not a scrap of envy in her voice). lol

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog regarding The Lost Mojo. I don't know that I've recovered it, but I've been doing a bit of blogging today and I'm feeling better for it. You guys out here are just the greatest. Always a kind word. It's wonderful. Thank you again.

Sandi McBride said...

Hi again...just wanted to pass on the wonderful news that Jodie over at the Crazy Life of Jody, is expecting!!! Pop over and send her congrats!!! We are so happy for her and Nick...she lost Baby Conner just after birth, so we're thrilled and anxious, but happy for for now

Sugar Bear said...

Sounds like you made some good choices! Always follow your heart. Some fabulous mail items. You are one lucky girl! Posh and Becks are the cutest!

Susie Q said...

You are surely a lucky girl with all of those treasures! Wow!

I adore your Posh and Beck...hmmm...I wonder where those names came from? *grin*

Love doxies...we had a red doxie, a cross between a long hair and a wire hair. Her name was Mandy. She looked like we had given her a body wave! The hair was all curly around her ears and wavy on her body. She was a sweetie. Got her when we were stationed in Pensacola in 1978. Lost her 15 years later while stationed in Tampa. She did loads of traveling in between.

Have a sweet weekend!

Sue said...

I'm glad you liked your swap goods, hope you can use them. I can just picture all the lovely little paintings you will put into those wallpaper medallions.

thanks again for swapping with me!! I am a wallpaper ADDICT!

carolyn said...

When I started reading this post I intended to leave a comment saying how adorable Posh & Becks are, if they grow too big I'll have em! But then I just carried on reading and reading and thoses things you got, wow you have been a lucky girl.

justabeachkat said...

It's been kinda crazy around my house lately, so I'm behind on my blog reading. I enjoyed catching up with you tonight. Wow...the puppies are getting so big. Just adorable!


Christy said...

Looks like someone got some good stuff! It's so much fun to get stuff in the mail.

joan said...

Your pups are so cute! Okay, did you put up a new banner or am I just way behind or have not noticed your banner before. Either way,it's pretty.

justabeachkat said...

Love, love, love your new "look"...very nice!!!!


Robyn said...

WOW! Sandy! You are blessed! I am so pleased you loved the tissue box that my mom painted! From one artist to another...
Sending lots of hugs!

Joy said...

Thanks for the visit Sandy, your blog is beautiful!

I just love your puppies - and their names are soooo cute! lol