Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Paint Chip Swap hosted by Jeri at Artful Gathering
So, have I told you that when I create - I make a MESS! This is just from a couple of hours and since it was such a mess yesterday - we ordered out chinese! No room to cook - and actually the cook was too tired and warn out from creating!

There are 18 of us participating and we had to make 18 of these paint chip cards. They are on 5x7 Behr paint cards that you get at the hardware store.
So from this to these:

We had to take a word or words off the back of the card which describes the paint color choices and create your card around that.

I had such a blast creating these and cannot wait to see the 18 that I receive. Jeri is going to bind them together with some kind of a machine ~ which is why all of mine are not decorated so much on the left side ~ had to leave room to bind them together.

I was listening to the Notting Hill soundtrack when I started creating these and I absolutely love the song Elvis Costello - "SHE" and well when I finished all of my cards I realized I only gave one a name - April (since it was on the card).


Off to get my house ready for my painting day with Mrs. Alice from paint class. Have a great day!



MaryB said...

Very nice, I like all of them. That should be a great swap.
Since you and a friend are thinking of opening an Etsy or website, I think you should also sell painting tutorials in pdf format...Not that I'm being selfish or anything, but Georgia is a long drive from Gettysburg. :) Think about it, because you are a great teacher from the looks of all that your students accomplish, some especially on their first day. You have the talent.
Have a great week & thanks for the compliment on the pin.

MOM said...

Spring and fall are my two most favorite times of the year. I love all the paintings. Especially the window you have as your banner. Your classes are doing awesome work. I agree with Maryb you should sell your painting tutorials when you get your website up and running. Be blessed today. Love ya,

Robyn said...

Really cool! Thanks for the ideas if I am every in a swap like this or similar. I wouldn't know where to begin. Where did you get the photos?

Christi Snow said...

Sandy! OMG!!! These are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love each and every one of them. You, my friend, are so amazingly talented! LOVE THEM!!! smiles...

Sandi McBride said...

I just love it love it love it...especially the "its not the house I love but the life lived there" Sandy, deep...great idea...ever thought about moving to Jefferson?

Sharon said...

Good grief Sandy, These paint chip collages are wonderful. What fun and I love every one of them. I couldn't discern the name of the paint color though on all of them. You are clever.

Terry Richey said...

I definitely envy your patience! All those little cards - wow! Hope you and Alice had fun, can't wait to see what all you guys did. Have fun!

Terri and Bob said...


What do you do with them? I would love the paint tutorials, too!

justabeachkat said...


I love, love, love the song "She" too!


Connie Carpenter Macko said...

Just discovered you when I found you've linked to me! These are very neat - love the collage technique - and a cool medium to work with!

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Sandy-those are so cool! I can't believe they're on paint chips!