Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Monday evening paint class ~ I got too busy yesterday with too many things and didn't have an opportunity to post my pictures from Monday evenings paint class.



Ellen's painting

Cindy ~
This was her first class with me

Stacia ~
This was her first class with me as well and she emailed me to tell me her husband asked her if she was sure she didn't purchase that when she was at Hobby Lobby? How sweet.


Oh, to be organized again!
It never fails that I forget something for paint class. I know ~ print out a check list. I've done that twice (cause I forgot I had done it the first time) and do I remember to get it out and check ~ not often enough. I've tried to be better lately and remember my camera (which is on the check list). My students can tell you the number of times my hubby has had to bring my camera to me because I've forgotten it. Well, now I remember my camera but have on several occasions to include today forget the camera card. I need to add Camera card in Camera to my check list now. So, my student Nicole took photos with her phone and now I'm waiting for pictures from todays class and will share those once I get them. URGH!

I was blessed with not one but two You make me smile awards ~

The first from Jenn over at Beaufort Lookout. Go on over and check out her awesome blog!

The other award was given to me by Sandi over at
Holding Patterns
She wrote the sweetest thing on her blog about me ~
Sandy over at is a healer, I believe. She works with art for arts sake, not for her own glory. I love to see the pictures of her students who do amazingly well...I would love to be a student since I am so poorly equipped in the arts. My sons draw ever so well and the only other person in the family that we know of who can draw is my sister Holly...even then we have no clue where she got it from. But Sandy passes on her knowledge and encourages each student and you can tell how happy they are with their own results...just look at those smiles. Yes, Sandy indeed deserves this award.
HOW COOL is that! Thanks Sandi for your kind words. You go on over and check out Sandi's blog by clicking here

Tomorrow my baby is gonna be 11 and I'm having a difficult time dealing with it. Where has the last 11 years gone?Before I know it he will be graduating high school and leaving for college. I'm glad he still loves a good cuddle with mom and will give me big hugs. He is the comedian in our family and always has us in stitches.

I hope you enjoyed the tea party yesterday! It was a lot of fun to participate in and I hope you made it over to Make Mine Pink to check out the other tea party hosts. If not you can click here and check them out.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Sandi McBride said...

Oh heavens, girl, my baby is 35 and I know exactly what you mean...where did the last 35 years go? I tell my granddaughter that her daddy is my baby...she looks at the 6'3 225 pound man and laughs and then says, he's a pretty big baby...still and all, lol...thanks for the kind comments about my blog, too! I'm still waiting on an art class, though!

Kim said...

Had a GREAT time in class. I needed that! I can't wait for Saturday to take 2 classes with you. Congratulations on your awards! You know I think you're great...I named my new kitten after you for goodness sakes! ;o)Hugs ~ Kim

Terri and Bob said...

My baby is 21. I loved the paintings... I would SO be in your class if I was close by.

Congrats on your award... well deserved!

Sugar Bear said...

I forget my camera all of the time! I was never a big picture taker and I have to remember that a blog is all about pictures!

Kari said...

Tell your baby Happy Birthday! And I share your heartache over our babies aging right before our eyes. My youngest is 15. FIFTEEN! We used to call him "SnuggleBunny" when he was little. And now he'll probably disown me if he ever finds out I wrote that on the internet! lol
Congratulations on your award! My Aunt Sandi has wonderful taste!

carlene federer said...

Sandy! Got your adorable shadow box today...OMGosh, I love it! Love the Pumpkin Man, and the real dried flower you used, and the box cool, I'm guessing it was something else originally? Anyway, I just love it and it was so sweet of you to send it to me...I'm all inspired to get out all my Fall/Halloween stuff now, so my shadowbox won't be lonely!
Thanx again, you're a peach!

Linda said...

Great painting. Congrats on the awards you certainly deserve them that was very nice of those ladies to honor you. Can't believe Holland is 11.
Love ya

joan said...

Congrats on your awards! And all of the paintings are awesome! And Happy Birthday to your baby!

justabeachkat said...

Congratulations on your awards. You sooo deserve them!