Friday, November 10, 2006

Weekend Cleaning
Okay, so my family headed up to the farm and I stayed behind to do some serious cleaning. We've all be so busy and my house is so cluttered and must be cleaned immediately! Well, the type of cleaning I'm gonna be doing can't be done immediately but will take me all weekend!

Here is what we are painting in my painting class tomorrow. That will be my only break from cleaning! I know, some of you that know my husband and what a neat freak he is and how awesome he is about cleaning around the house are saying to yourself "their house is clean" well, I can assure you that it's surface cleaned but that's about it. I cannot even remember the last time I moved things and dusted. I'm sure I'll be able to write "Sandy wuz here" in the dust in some places.
Oh well, forgot to update you with my bowling scores and since next week my body will be 39 years old and I think my brain sometimes thinks it's 93 ~ I can't remember the score from my last game?? I know that I had a 157, 168 and I think a 189 but again, won't know for sure until Tuesday when I see the sheet to remind me what I had.
My family will be here next week - looking forward to seeing everyone - my parents flew in today from Germany and picked up their car that I drove and left at the Atlanta airport for them to drive to Memphis to see my older sister and family and then they drive here next week on the day that I have 2 painting classes. Yahoo.
Let me tell you, I so wish I had had my camera on the way up to the Atlanta Airport. The leaves from Macon up to Atlanta were so gorgeous! Every shade of green, yellow, orange, and red. I love FALL! The colors are so inspiring and cheerful!
Here is what I did yesterday ~ my sister came by with some ornaments that she needed painted for a dinner party tonight! Love them. Love the PINK and BLACK combo ~ those colors remind me so much of Heidi Swapp! Love her style!
Anyway, have a great weekend. Not sure that I'll have anything to share besides maybe some "Sandy wuz here" pics in the dust.


Anonymous said...

Love that frosty-looking poinsetta...gorgeous. And the ornaments are really fun! smiles...

Michelle said...

What fun projects!!! Great job! I just had to comment on your blog because on your profile I saw that you love bowling! Sigh...I was on a league for eight years and three years ago decided to quit to do other things...but I'm really starting to miss it!!

Anonymous said...

those ornaments are too stinkin cute!!!