Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Playing catch up....
Yesterday was bowling day as you know and we'll my scores were less than stellar! I had a 149, 163, and 138. I was not feeling too well yesterday - not to make excuses just exhausted.
Came home and got all my paperwork and folders done for my painting classes today, painted some odds and ends that needed to be finished, got the house straightened up and then the boys were home from school. Soon after that hubby surprised me and walked in at 3:45 so that I could get to the Airmen's Thanksgiving dinner at the base and then off to Basketball with my oldest and hubby took off with our middle son to soccer. Back home, more paperwork and finally I fell into bed.

Here are the happy painters in my morning class this morning. They all did such an awesome job. Alice, Chris, Carmen, Rhonda, Sherry, CeeAnn and Sierra up front. She is 10 and did such a fantastic job!!

Here are the glasses and pitcher I finished for my mom to send to her friend in Germany.

Waiting around my for my parents to drive up. They are in the thick of big storms from Memphis to Atlanta and we should be getting them here around 4p.m. - severe weather they are calling it ~ tornadoes and all.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AWESOME FRIEND NANCY!!! (I know you'll appreciate me using this picture nancy huh?) I adore you my friend! You make me smile! I am so blessed to have a friend like you! and I get the WHOLE package with an entire family that i adore and love!! Have a great birthday and your present of course is LATE!

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nancy said...

thanks for the birthday note - yes, got to love the photo...but we were lounging and just kicking back in the sun and are such a wonderful friend, as well! take care & enjoy your special day and holiday with your family...keep on bloggin'!

love, nanc