Monday, November 13, 2006

Busy weekend!
I survived the weekend of cleaning, playing and painting! My house was so dusty and there were plenty of places that I could have written in the dust and share that with you but HOW EMBARASSING! that my house got that dusty so I won't be sharing and didn't take pictures - too much proof! house in glowing and CLEAN now and hopefully I won't go that long again on the dusting. I also survived staying here all by myself with hubby and kids up at the farm. I'm such a scardy (SP?) cat and have watched too many scary movies and my imagination runs wild with every little noise I hear.
Remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I went to an antique store in Harlem, GA and got an awesome deal ~ here are the pics of what I got for $12.00 - this sewing kit was loaded with so much stuff! I'm not much of a sewer but let me tell you I have enough stuff to sew for years! I am however a button fanatic. I love OLD things whether valuable or not -loved these buttons. The sewing box full of stuff was originally $24.00 and the enamel pan with buttons was $10.00 and I got them both for $12.00 - thankfully my sister in law Lynne was there to talk down the price for me - I'm not much of a bargainer but she spoke up and got me a great deal. I'm gonna but the buttons in an old green mason jar I have until I need to use them on something.

Had a great break from the cleaning on Saturday and had such a fantastic painting class at Hobby Lobby. This is Ruth and Doriann showing off their amazing trays. This was Ruth's third class and Doriann's second. Didn't they do an awesome job! You wouldn't know they were just learning how to paint would you?!?!

This is Holly and daughter Kaite. This was their second class and again - they just amazed me with their beautiful trays. Very talented! They learned the strokes and painted these gorgeous trays all in 2 hours - can you believe it?!?!

So Friday night after cleaning, I finally sat down around midnight and started to bling out my phone. I have now covered the entire thing but the pictures are so shiny they don't show up very well. Kinda scary that my middle son called it my pimp phone - how would he know that word?? Scary what they hear about it school!
Have a busy week. Painting today, bowling tomorrow, Airmen's Thanksgiving dinner that the OSC puts on at the base Chapel, Soccer Practice, Basketball clinics, 2 painting classes Wednesday, Parents arrive Wednesday sometime, Officer's Spouse's function on Thursday and then the weekend.
HAVE A GREAT WEEK! SMILE LOTS! Be Happy! BE THANKFUL! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS ~ you can name them one by one and write them down! Scrapbook them! Share them!

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Anonymous said...


I just visited your site again and wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday a day late! I love it that you are three months older than me! I think about you every November 18th since it's our anniversary also!! It's so fun to read about what's going on with you...I have another friend that does this blog thing and I'm lucky if I can just remember to check my email! Hope you had a great day and sure would love for ya'll to head to Auburn and visit us one of these days! Have a great Thanksgiving!
God Bless, Jill