Saturday, June 16, 2012

College Orientation and What a Small World We Live In!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending our oldest sons college orientation at GA College in Milledgeville.  We were so impressed with the day and how organized it was! Very informative and certainly put some of my "mom" concerns aside (not all - but some) lol.

This campus is absolutely gorgeous and honestly pictures don't do it any justice. All the details and columns, and bricks ~ totally southern and totally beautiful!

When we checked in and got our paperwork the first thing we noticed was that "where we were from" was incorrect on our nametags. Come to find out so was everyone elses. Computer glitch caused the problem - so many of us had name tags on with the city crossed out and where we are really from printed on.  As we stood around waiting for them program to start, my hubby looked over and then proceeded to step over to a group of people and say....y'all are from Thomson? Yes they were - and that is where my husband is from. Recognized the name McCorkle which is also the name of a very large family run plant nursery in that area. Steven mentioned his parents and right after he said McTier the lady to the right of him said you know David McTier (my husbands brother) which lead to her introducing herself as a Lemley - I believe the sister in law to David's best friend Jamie.   Small world.

Let me back track a minute to the previous day. I attended a Plaid/Michaels Rewards/Mod Podge event in Atlanta on Thursday and I'd say there were at least 100 people in this one room. I checked in, got my package and sat down to fill out some forms and a nice lady sat right in front of me. I introduced myself and then asked her if she lived locally to which she replied...."no, I'm from a small town down south ~ Centerville" to which I then replied I'm from Byron (10 minutes away from Centerville) and the Hobby Lobby I teach at is in Centerville. HELLO! Small world!
Then they announced names for the big door prizes at the end of the event and lucky me - I won! Afterwards, a lady approached me and asked if my last name was McTier (she thought she heard them say that for the prize) and when I said yes asked me if it was spelled M c T i e r and I said yes, well.....she was  McTier too! Debbie McTier and unfortunately I was talking to two other people and saying goodbyes so I didn't get to find out how she is related but when I asked her if she attended the family reunions she said she hasn't since her father in law passed away - so I invited her and told her my husband was the current Family Assoc. president and we'd love to have her come back and join us this year! Shared my info with her and hope she is able to attend! Again, SMALL world huh?!

So back to the college day!
After the parents forum we met up with our son and then they split everyone up into their "Major" and directed us to go to those departments.  During that event they handed out the schedules to the students and read out names and before my sons name was called the name of his roomate was called - they knew each others name - so they shook hands, chatted, exchanged numbers and finally got to meet each other before becoming roommates in August. 

We broke for lunch and caught up with some people that were at an orientation in Macon with us and then off to the campus book store to take care of some parking passes, etc. Got caught in the bookstore looking around and then on the way out Austin and his suite mate Cannon saw each others name tags and shook hands, introduced themselves and realized they had a lot in common with a love for music.   Their name tag said they were from Lawrencville but remember they were wrong - so come to find out they are from Waynesboro - not far from my inlaws.  Cannon's mom said she was originally from Maryland though so I told her that is where my grandparents are from and that my grandmother still lives there but my father's family (no longer alive) lived in Cheverly - to which she replied - "that was where I was born"! HELLO - can you say SMALL WORLD!
Was great meeting them and I think Austin feels more at ease moving in now having met two of the three guys he will be living with ~ I know I do!

This building behind and to the right is where Austin will be living with 3 other suitemates.
Beautiful brick dorm with white columns - so southern and so much history - LOVE it!

Enjoyed the day so much - made it seem much more real that in a couple of months my baby is off to college!  He's taking his first real trip with some friends to Gatlinburg (for which I'm a nervous wreck) so I have something else to worry about before August! lol

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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