Saturday, June 16, 2012

Larger Than Life Canvas Painting Workshop

Last Saturday we painted on 30x40 wrapped canvas ~ large florals and a beautiful seascape.
Ronn & Ann looked through hundreds of photos that I've printed over the years to get some inspiration from and then decided what they were going to paint.
Ann threw me a curve ball and decided to paint a seascape with a heron ~ a picture that I think I found on Pinterest ~ LOVE Pinterest!
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She was excited that she was able to paint that and take it home and knew that her boys would be thrilled with it and not another flower painting! lol

Beginning stages of Ronn's painting

Ann painting her waves

Ronn painting his roses

Ann with her finished landscape

Ronn with his floral masterpiece! He was going to go home and paint some more on it and add some shading. I asked him to bring it back to class on Monday and he did!!

Ann finished her landscape and still had time to spare so she painted a small 8x10 canvas with an orange poppy and then headed home as she drives two hours to get to class! Talk about dedication!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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