Saturday, June 16, 2012

Graduation/Birthday Celebration at the Farm

Earlier in the month we drove to the farm for some more Graduation Celebrations and to help celebrate my Father-in-love's 85th birthday! What a wonderful time we had - wish we could have stayed longer and wish that Uncle David and Gabby were able to be there with us too!

The pond has been low for years now with very little rain so they took the opportunity to drain it ~ so strange to see if with little to no water in it when there were times we'd see it almost overflowing the road.
The boys thought about walking out to the center but it was a bit squishy so they decided not to end up knee deep in the mud.

Lynne was so sweet to come over and decorate for the festivities ~ thanks Lynne!   The deer always gets a graduation hat ~ or a Christmas bow in December!

 The Grad ~ Austin

Opa and his annual Boston Creme Cake ~ Yummy!

They all agreed - the only thing missing on the couch (which is surprising all 4 of them could fit on) was their cousin Gabby squeezed in right there with them.

Getting him ready for college now and showing him things I think I've neglected to show him over the last 18 years. Think I'm more of a nervous wreck over him moving in with 3 other guys then he is! Just hope they are all nice and tidy and polite and not big partiers!  Okay, now I have a headache just thinking about it all. lol

Have a great weekend!

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