Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Painting Class with wOils
Yesterday we painted a snippet of a painting that I did in Vegas with Trudy Beard. Loved everything about her class and the way she did the background after painting the branches and nest and the way she paints her leaves ~ amazing!

Here is a group shot from our class yesterday. We had a special visitor (student) with us ~
my painting friend Ronn. He lives in Idaho and came to visit his daughter that recently had a baby and signed up for all my painting classes this month! Wow...is he super super talented too!
Everyone gave him a hard time because he was a little quiet but I think by the last class this month he'll show em he's really not that quiet!








Christmas ribbon going on the shelf in JUNE! Yep, it's getting earlier and earlier I think. I actually have an ornament class in July or August every year so it's convenient that it's going out but it does add a little stress too!  Lots of DecoMesh too since that was the hottest thing last year with wreaths, bows, etc. made out of it.

I got ready for my Wednesday class and then decided to paint some more hydrangeas. I started out painting them purple but after I got them on wanted something different so changed em to blue.
Have a few more touches to make and then it's on to the next!

Have a fabulous day!

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