Saturday, June 02, 2012

Austin's Graduation Weekend
After graduation we went to my parents home in Alabama for some more festivities! We also celebrtaed my mom and sister Linda's birthday at the same time.
My sister flew in from Memphis, my other sister drove in from South Carolina with her kiddos and my grandmother flew in from Maryland and what an awesome visit we had with each other!

Pre graduation feast!

Kendall & Jennah - she graduated this year too!

Grandma Adkins

I snagged an idea from Pinterest and took tons of photos and made this table runner out of photos, added his Sr. photo, awards and certificates. Austin walked in and asked what the "memorial" was all about!  Turned out great though I thought and I loved looking through all those photos!

Hannah and Andrew
Austin's school are the Trojans (same as my high school)

We got there quite early because we heard that it gets quite crowded. We chose to sit in the middle so we could see and boy did it fill up quickly and it was HOT!


Andrew, Debbie, and Hannah

See how crowded it got? This is the home side of the stadium too and then they started filling up the visitors side.

Austin was looking in the crowds for us and since he was little I've always had this "whistle" that I do and all of my kids know to turn and look for me ~ and then he found us!


Austin & his girlfriend Chelsea
Kendall's girlfriend Jennah
Jennah & Kendall
Holland & Jennah ~ they have a sweet friendship!
Austin and his HS bff Omar. Omar was the Sr. class president and is quite the social butterfly ~ which was a great friend to our quiet and sometimes shy Austin!

Here are more photos after graduation at my mom's house!
Linda & Austin
Hubbie, Austin, and Me

So many more pictures to share so I'll post more later!
My gradmother flew home yesterday to the DC area and hope she made it there with few delays

Have a wonderful weekend!

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