Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I want to thank you all so much for the emails today letting me know you are praying for my sister! She is doing well. She was in quite a bit of pain still this evening so they are keeping her overnight and will get to go home tomorrow.
Today, I kept her son, my newphew - Andrew. We had so much fun but I think he had even more fun with his Uncle Steven. They played hide and seek and my silly husband decided that just before Andrew found him he'd scare him by yelling boo!

When he was hiding from me this was his choice of hiding places. How funny is that. Of course I played along like I couldn't find him and then he started giggling so loud!

He wanted me to take "more, more, more" ~ but we had movies to watch and doggies to chase and pet.

I'm so loving the Olympics. Just watched Phelps win another GOLD in the 200 Breaststroke ~ he is unbelievable. Off to watch the women's gymnastics although I should be going to bed!
Again, thanks so much and your continued prayers are greatly appreciated!



penny stock tip said...
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Charlie McGee said...

Hi sweetie, I hope that your sister is doing well and that she will have the peace and quiet to heal. I love the photo of your nephew hiding under the pillows. How fun.

I went for a job interview today, it is with the school system here in town. I'm praying that I get it. Could really use the money. I will keep my classes, but I am closing the studio.

Take care my friend.
love ya,

Sandi McBride said...

So glad to hear your sister is doing well. And that's just what you needed, another fella lol!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I hope your sister continues to improve and is pain free soon! That nephew of yours is as cute as he can be. I love the picture of the "human pillow". lol

I have a weight loss post scheduled to post tomorrow morning. I put a link to your "3 hotties trapped in fat bodies" blog. I'm hoping to start an entire movement of us hot chicks looking for encouragement from each other to lose weight. LOLOL

Again, hope your sister improves asap. I'll be thinking of ya'll!


Robyn said...

Oh that is a lovely day with Auntie! Praying away over here for dear sis!

Sugar Bear said...

What a cutie pie he is! I hope your sis has a quick recovery. I watched Phelps too - so exciting!

Mary Isabella said...

I am prayinf for your sister to feel better soon so she can play with her sweet child. I know you are having fun with him....Hugs....Mary

Julie said...

Are you exhausted yet? ha ha - he looks like a bundle of energy! Hope all is well and that your sister gets well very soon!

Jillian, Inc. said...

Hope your sister is doing OK and gets better each day. Andrew's a cutie! I am loving the Olympics, too. Esp. Michael Phelps. I love how he looks for his mom in the crowd before each medal ceremony.