Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We're home from our short trip up to my sister Linda's house. We had a grand time but like with any trip away ~ it's always nice to be HOME.
I should have taken more pictures - I always say that and never do it.

Think we're going to use this picture when it comes to our before and after photo with our weight watchers journey!hehehe.

My 3 boys and Linda's 3 boys

Linda and family

Me with my 3 boys
My hubby stayed home with the doggies and of course cleaned the house, watched the Lord of the Rings triology and just enjoyed some peace and quiet!

Just about every time we go to see my sister we visit her in-laws Memere and Pepere - they have always treated my boys like their own grandchildren and we adore them. They have an awesome pool that I used to go to when I was my oldest sons age - fond memories!

We're all unpacked, clothes washed and in drawers (I have a fabulous hubby that loves to do stuff like that- YIPPEE) and now we have to get geared up for BACK to SCHOOL this week. OMgoodness. My boys start on Thursday and are a bit excited - I think mainly to see their friends, but nervous about their new grades and for my oldest a new school - High School.
Have a fabulous day!


MOM said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely. From the pictures you look like you had a good time. The boys are almost as long as the sliding board. It is hard to believe that children go back to school before Labor Day but times have changes. Just think in 20 years grandparents will be covered in tatoos and RAP music will be their golden oldies. That is all the wisdom I have today so I will close.
Love ya all,

joan said...

Great photos Sandy. I like the one of you and your boys. You look great. Back to school already? I think our schools are starting in a few more weeks. I'm always sad when school starts back because it means the summer is almost over. Hvae a great one!!

Donna said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time with your sister! Great photos!
Hard to believe it's "back to school" time.


Robyn said...

Love the photos Sandy! You two are just lovely! And all that handsomeness with all those 'boys'!

The Decorated House said...

Yes it does look like you all had a great time! But it's always nice to be home again to isn't it?

Loved seeing the calla lilies you and the ladies painted. How pretty!

(Your mom's note cracked me up. There is a generation of grandparents coming one day who might look a tad different! LOL)

Angela said...

Hi Sandy, looks like you had a wonderful time, why aren't there any shots of you going down that slide? :) I saw Alice at church on Sunday and she told me abt. your trip together, says you crammed alot of learning in a short amt. of time and had to walk entirely too far from the hotel to the conference center. Hope to see you at Mistletoe Market again this year!

Sugar Bear said...

Such a lovely family! I'm very impressed with your hubby! Way to go!

Rosemary said...

Looks like everyone had a fun time.
It's always nice to get back home though.

Angela said...

Wonderful photos!Looks like alot of fun!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hi Sandy!

So glad you enjoyed your time with family! Times like these are so special! Beautiful picture of you and your sister. You ladies look fabulous! Have a lovely rest of the week!



Mary Isabella said...

Looks like so much summer time fun!!! My Grands go back to school tomorrow....Double hugs....Mary

Linda said...

So glad you got to come we had a great time. I know the boys did too.
Love ya,

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

You look great! Loved your pictures. My boys don't start back to school until the 25th. And I'm counting the minutes. LOL This has been an adventure filled summer - lots of fun and traveling, but I'm just about exhausted. It's time for a break!!

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to head back to Florida to return my granddaughter to her mom, then Saturday morning, my sister and I are driving up to Birmingham to meet up with our cousins for our First Annual Cousin Get Together (ha!), then Sunday my husband and boys are driving up from Florida to B'ham to pick me up and we're heading back home to Texas. Whew! I'm sure I'll have a great time with my sister and cousins, but it'll be good to get settled back at home and prepare for AUTUMN!! Yee-haw! :)


Jillian, Inc. said...

Loved seeing these photos since both you and Linda are special bloggine friends to me.