Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We painted foxgloves yesterday in paint class and I just love the way they turned out.



The sick bug has already visited us and the kids have only been in school for a couple of weeks now. Our youngest came home early Friday with a terrible cough and lots of congestion but is on the mend thankfully and then our Mrs. Posh can't keep anything down. She'll take a trip to the vet tomorrow if not better just to make sure there isn't anything seriously wrong.

We're so excited that my mom and grandmother will be here on Friday. My mom is in the states for work ( she lives in Germany) and my grandmother will be flying in from DC ~ will be nice to be together and visit.

Thanks so much for visiting ~ please let me know you were here!
I just want to say thanks to those sweet people that have emailed me asking how things are! Things are still busy! I still have not regained my momentum of visiting my blog friends. I appreciate those that take the time to visit me whether I've had the time to visit you or not!

Have a great day!


Linda said...

Okay I have never heard of that flower. Did you make it up??? It is pretty though. I am excited about Mom and grandma coming next week to my house,however, I think it will be much more peaceful at your house for them. :)
Love ya,

Susan in U.K. said...

Oh I love your Foxglove(also known as Digitalis)pictures.
They are my favorite flowers, and as they self seed very easily, I have them all over my garden.
This year one of them turned out pure White, and was almost five feet tall.
The paintings looked so lifelike.
Have you heard of a flower called Hollyhock (also known as Althaea)?
They would be a lovely subject to paint!
Best Wishes.

ADELE said...

Oh I love those flowers! Your students did a great job! I wish I could take one of your classes. Looks like so much fun!

Julie said...

Tell your class that they did a WONDERFUL job!! I also loved the fall themed trays. What a great idea!

Mary Isabella said...

They are so awesome. I know you had fun painting them...m.

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Sandy
I love fox gloves, they remind me of old fashioned cottage gardens.
Your students have done a wonderful job painting them
Have a fabulous time catching up with your Mum and Grandma

justabeachkat said...

How exciting to have your Mom and Grandmother visit! I'm so lucky that I get to see my Mom so often.


Alice J said...

You've done it again. What beautiful foxgloves. Sorry I didn't get to take the class.
Have a blessed day!