Friday, September 21, 2012

It has been a pampering, baking, painting, & more kinda day!
This a.m. I finally got my hair done - has been way too long although I'm letting it grow out it was in serious need of color and highlights! If you live local and are looking for a hairdresser ~ Mary at Serenity Salon & Spa is ~ AMAZING!!
Then home to paint and get stuff ready for two shows I have coming up with my friend Nicole in November ~ Christmas Made In The South (Macon, GA) first weekend in Nov. & Mistletoe Market (Perry, GA) third weekend in Nov.
Then off to meet my parents for a much needed manicure and pedicure!
Had been since July and boy....were they in some dire need of pampering and that I got! Went to a new place today Footprints Spa ~ again AMAZING! So peaceful, serene and customer service was top notch! Asked many times if I was comfortable, if I needed something to drink, etc. Will definitely go back for some more "ME" time!
I get to see our oldest tomorrow ~ I'm glad he's in college but I sure do MISS him and MISS him not being here at the house every day. I wanted to make him something that would give him a little taste of "HOME" and what came to mind was something that I've always had fond memories of ~ even down to the packaging!
When I was younger and we'd go and visit my grandparents, my grandfather always baked these chocolate no bake oatmeal/peanut butter cookies. Well, we lovingly referred to them as Carl's Cookies. My Grandfather ~ Carl ~ would make them and freeze them and HIDE them because he knew we three girls would eat all of them the first day and want him to make more! He made them PERFECTLY every time! He'd also always pack them in tins separated with wax paper and that always helped us find em ~ cause we knew what we were looking for!
We'd sneak down into the basement and find them in the deep freeze - get some out and yes, knaw on the frozen cookie! They were even good frozen!  Stuff some in our pockets for later and (a little thawing helped too).  He caught on soon when he'd open a tin and half it not more were missing! :)
So, today I baked some and dug through cabinets to find a tin that I could put them in separated with wax paper! He'll LOVE em! Of course I left some for all of us here to eat too when he takes his tin back to college with him! I wonder if he'll share with his roommates? :)
I included the recipe below in case you wanted to make some for yourself! :)

Have a great weekend!

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Linda said...

Great memories for sure!! Love you Sista!!