Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy "16th" Birthday to our youngest Holland!!
Wow ~ what JOY and LAUGHTER this kid has brought to our lives over these last 16 years!  He's always quick witted and such a comedian ~ most of the times without trying!
Still hard to wrap my head around the fact that our youngest is 16. Makes me feel old but more than that I feel and know that I am truly blessed!
Have been so blessed with a wonderful husband and three fabulous boys that have grown into such fine young men! I'm one proud momma can you tell?!
Happy Birthday Grandma/Great-Grandma!
Tomorrow is my Grandmother's birthday too!  What an independent women she is! Still volunteers, sings in her church choir and loves to go to concerts - not the kind of concerts my boys do but Jazz! :) We love you grandma ~ wish we could be with you on YOUR DAY!

Have a blessed day!

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