Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Holiday Card Class
Had a wonderful Holiday Cards Class yesterday. We painted cards using Martin F. Weber's Mission Watercolors that I purchased at HOOT! Loved the results and everyone did such a fabulous job on their cards!










My day started out a big crazy! Got to Hobby Lobby early to get ready for my class as I had a lot of stuff to separate and get together for each student. I went into the cabinet to get my water basins and took one stack - filled them up and went back to get another stack and there starring at me was a mouse!
Yes, of course I screamed - LOUDLY - and slammed the doors and ran over to the employee break room. Many people came back to see who screamed and then got Chris to get the mouse out of there.

Well he thought he'd catch him in a box or two and instead the mouse decided to climb into my bag that was laying down on the ground with easels in it. Chris scooped it up and ran to the front of the store to get let it go outside! EEK! Threw me off all day. 

Then last night- chills, sweats, chills, sweats, and now sore throat - so home in bed today and no bowling :( sadly.  It's a rainy day here in Middle GA and one of those veggie soup, curl up on the couch with an afghan kinda days!

Have a good one!

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