Sunday, September 30, 2012

wOils Certification

What a busy but wonderful three days I had painting with these amazing ladies! We painted, painted and painted some more and even after all that they wanted to paint some more!   Kathy & Charlie drove over from North Carolina, Shobha and her family drove down from Maryland and Margaret (already certified but wanted to take the insruction part again) from GA all came prepared to learn and to paint!

Here are some snap shots of them painting and their finished projects!

Me & Shobha

Me & Kathy

Me & Charlie

Me & Margaret

One a.m. before they got their I took some extra paint I had from the day before and painted these purple hydrangeas on a canvas that I had already done the background on.
I did two special classes after the Certification projects - all them wanted to paint hydrangeas and roses.  I didn't want to do something I had already done so they got a fresh out of my head idea as we were painting ~ colors, design and all.  They all did such a beautiful job on their Cert pieces and these two special class pieces and I KNOW they will be painting with wOils A LOT!!!
Will be doing two pattern packets for these two projects - roses will be a bit different - again since it was just straight out of my head and onto the canvas and instruction while we were painting them - I wasn't thrilled with my final rose design so will take the creative license to change that up a bit! :)


Am so thrilled that my mother in love(law) is doing better! She is improving day by day but they are keeping her in the hospital til later this week to regain some strength. She had a terrible reaction to some antibiotics that were prescribed to her for infection after dental work. Well, 1 in 10 people have a reaction like she did and it landed her in the ICU. Think that is why meds scare me - am hearing this all too often about what meds can do and the side effects just don't seem worth it! Continued prayers for her and our family are greatly appreciated! I adore my mother in law - she is a ROCK, a SAINT, and I am truly blessed to have such a loving and caring mother in law!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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