Monday, August 31, 2009

Kids Class this past week~
We had such a fun time on Saturday painting away - these kids amaze me with how well they do and how FAST they are! Oh my, I always have to have lots of projects prepared just in case they finish which they did.

The three sisters on the left have been to several classes and even their mom is coming to classes now which is exciting to see. A on the other end is the great grandson of one of my students (his mimi) and he drew the most incredible dinosaurs on his box and painted them - (his mimi bought some plastic ones for him to have as a reference and then he put them in the box and played away! Reminded me of my 3 boys when they were that age. E next to him is the granddaughter of one of my students and she missed her bowling league so that she could come and paint with us!

This past week was also my mother in law's birthday! I'm very blessed to have amazing in-laws!! Hope you had a great birthday Oma!

Will be back tomorrow with a post ~ it's a special day! Two days of posting in a row ~ a habit I really need to get in.

Have a great day.


Sandi McBride said...

This is definitely going to be something these kids will remember when they're all grown up, Sandy. I'd love to see a close up of the Dinosaur Box! Have a wonderfully blessed week!

Sugar Bear said...

Fun! I remember taking creative classes as a child. Some of my best memories!

Kat said...'re blogging again!

Good photo of the kids. I know you must have fun in classes with the kids.