Friday, August 07, 2009

We love you so very much and hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!

Kids are back in school this week - was an eventful first day with the bus though!
The bus showed up late the first day for my son ~ so he arrived late on the first day - he wasn't too happy. Then he FINALLY arrived home at 6p.m. YES, 6p.m. The driver didn't exactly know the route and she had the radio on so loud that when the kids were telling her that was their house she didn't hear and would pass them by to have to drive a ways to get to a point to be able to turn around. The next day the bus arrived late so I took him to school and I started the calls to the board of education and the bus depot to find out what was going on - we live 10 mins. from the school - crazy. He ended up getting home at 5:20p.m. the second day. Yesterday he got on the bus on time with a NEW driver and arrived home at 4:10 with yet another new driver - the route was obviously too long so they split it between two different drivers and my son got his FAVORITE bus driver Mr. Mark.
My oldest came home yesterday so worried with one of his classes - 3 day of school and already worried. It is Physics and not a class his momma is gonna be able to help him with unfortunately - way over my head!! Most things come very easy for him to learn but this is gonna be a challenge which he isn't used to! It will be GOOD!

As much as I love having my kids home I also love having the house to myself during the day to get stuff done! Been painting, claying and cleaning house in between!

Hope you have a great day!!

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