Sunday, August 02, 2009

Crafty Wave painting project & a Basket of Petunias ~

We painted a basket of petunias in paint class on Friday. I remember my mom used to have pink petunias in baskets - we always had beautiful flowers growing in our front and back yards - I certainly didn't get her green thumb!

We painted on this fabulous new wooden lap desk that is available now at Hobby Lobby. It's so well made and was perfect for this painting.







Jenny came in the a.m.
and the other ladies came that evening.

Earlier in the week we painted a Crafty Wave project. I'll share more about Crafty Wave with you very soon!!

Standing - l to r
Betty, Barb, Kim
sitting l to r
Carol and Elaine

Hard to believe summer vacation is over and my boys are back in school this week. They will go Tuesday through Friday and have Mondays off. They were of course disappointed to find out that Mondays will not be play days or game days but STUDY/Reading days at home. We met with all of their teachers this past Thursday and they all seemed very confident with the new schedule. I have to admit that I'm looking forward to having some days back to myself at the house to get house cleaning done as well as painting and creating!

Wanted to wish my brother in law David (Uncle Cool to my boys) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! His birthday was yesterday. My dad's birthday is at the end of this week and my hubby and mother in law have birthdays later this month as well!

Have a fabulous day!


Sandi McBride said...

Well as usual your students have outdone themselves and that Barb is really getting to be a star pupil! Love the work and detail on these trays in particular! Hope you are well and the family in fine fettle and ready for school to begin...

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

These are so beautiful...hugs..m.

joan said...

Gorgeous! They always do a wonderful job!