Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tomorrow Can't Be August Already?!

I really am feeling like every year the months go by faster and faster than they did the year before!
Is it me or are you feeling the same way?

When I'm looking forward to something 30 days sounds so FAR AWAY! However, it seems like the month flies by before I know it and I haven't gotten done nearly as much as I had set out to do.

August is a big BIRTHDAY month in our Families!
So let me take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday & I love you all TO:
My Brother-in-law David
My Daddy
My Nephew ~ Josh Davis
My Fabulous Hubby!!
My Mother in Love ~ Jan

Speaking of looking forward to things ~ I just love this time of year and the "Fall" Inspiration for my painting/clay classes.  I've posted along the rightside of my blog some of the classes that I'm doing in August. If you are local and want to come and take a class - click on the picture and it will take you to my website!  I have students that 2-4 hours each way to come and take classes so don't let miles or state lines keep you from coming! lol

I recently updated my website with new packets for sale as well as some of my original art ~ which is I have to say is priced to SELL! My studio runneth over with paintings and I've maxed out my space at the Byron Gallery. Plus, many have asked me if I sell my art and what better way to let you know what is available than putting it on my website! You'll find the packets and my original Art under the "My Store" tab on the left hand side of my website. Click on the purple "My Store" to visit now!

I've been looking forward to a ROAD TRIP and attending "HOOT" with some friends of mine  ~ Jenny, Sue, and Barb as well as meeting up at HOOT with Donna & Lori! 

HOOT stands for the "Heart Of Ohio Tole Painters" and it's a convention I've heard great things about and I've always wanted to attend. I'm signed up for some great classes and really am stretching my creative juices with taking a watercolor class and watercolor pencil class, plus of course acrylics & oil classes too!
In the midst of all that we're also getting our oldest ready to move out and into his college dorm! YIKES! Makes me feel super super old! and again makes me question ~ where has the time gone?
I know he is excited and I guess I am to that he's entering another stage/season in his adult life!

Hope you have a great day!

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