Monday, July 09, 2012

Holiday Workshop 2012

Every year I do an early Christmas class to help my students get a jump start on creating for craft shows or gift making for family and friends. This year I turned it into a Holiday Workshop and gave them a bunch of ideas on taking what they created and making additional gifts or decorations for their home.  We had a busy day but it was such a fun filled busy day!

I painted these snowman pins for everyone as a thank you for attending!

I separated all of their supplies into baggies so that each ornament was prepped and ready to paint and assemble, put em all in these white gift bags with the snowman pin attached to the handle. They were all very appreciative and I think excited to get started!!

We painted a nativity scene on this block and then embellished it with a bunch of different things to glam it up!

NOEL painted with a "holiday sweater" motif background. Topped with Mod Podge and glitter of course!

The only traditional glass ornament we used in the workshop! Took a white heart and painted a sweet snowman face and halo (glittered up of course) and then attached angel wings to the back!

One of my favorites ~ Poinsettia ornament ~ handpainted, Mod Podge Sparkle on top, burlap around the oval and a pretty satin ribbon to hang!

Window Pane Ornaments ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE the way these turned out. We only painted one in class the one just below but I painted three to give them some options for later creating! The possibilities with this one are endless!  Topped the panes with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to make it look more like a window ~ something most of my students had never heard of let alone use so was excited to share that new product with em! They LOVED it!

Holiday Sweet Ornament - painted, put together and glittered up to the MAX!

We picked one ornament to take a picture with and the snowman won out!  Notice from the first picture above with all of em and their bags just before we started class and now - TIRED and worn out but still smiling thankfully! I tuckered them out I think!
We all walked out with glitter on us but I think I took the prize for the most! Looked like a disco ball actually!

Of course I had way too many ideas so I have a pretty good jump start on my next Holiday Workshop that will be in September.  This one with be both Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas though.

TIP: for all those holiday crafters out there!
Add glitter to Mod Podge and mix it together. Apply to something you want to GLITTER UP!*
Will save you the mess of loose glitter flying around.
*Glitter Up ~ sounds like that should be the name of a company huh? Maybe I'm on to something here? hehehe

Have a wonderful day!! Year is half over so get busy on your HOLIDAY stuff now little by little and you won't get so stressed during the holidays!!

Smiles with Glitter,

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