Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gerber Daisy Class
Yesterday in paint class we painted this very large (18x18 canvas) with a fun gerber daisy on it!
Everyone did such an awesome job and loved all the layering of colors to paint our project.





Tara ~  a new student that had never painted before! Just love it when they walk in and think there is "no way" they can do that but leave with a finished project and amazed that they painted it!

Kari ~ my blog friend that finally lives in Georgia and because we are both so busy don't get to see each other that much! I love when she comes to class though - great humor and she has one of those smiles that is contagious! She brought Tara to class and they both doubted themselves so much but at the end of class were so happy with their paintings!

So love my classes and blessed that these students and all my other students love to come out and paint with me!

I'm excited about tomorrow ~ our middle and youngest sons have their end of year awards ceremony and I hear they are getting several awards! Hoping I remember to take my camera this time - forgot it last week when my oldest had his awards ceremony as well as when he received his Rotary Scholarship - urgh!


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