Thursday, May 03, 2012

Today our oldest son had his last awards ceremony for High School and I sat there wondering as I'm sure many moms and dads did when did this child of ours grow up to now be a Senior in High School, with graduation around the corner, and a new season in his (& our) lives about to begin.

It seems like yesterday he was five years old and had memorized all the Presidents of the United States - something we used to get him to recite when we were with family and friends we hadn't seen in a while as if he were a side show act or something ~ we were just so impressed with his memory skills.

Seems like yesterday he was attending a Prep School in England where he had to wear a coat and tie, belonged to some kind of a "Harry Potterish House" and couldn't take his lunch to school because they had to provide it! All of which he wasn't too fond of, however, he grew to love the lunches and wondered why his mother didn't make lamb with mint sauce and wanted to see if the school cook could give me cooking lessons. 

Seems like yesterday I got a call from the Principal telling me that Austin won the Geography Bee for the Middle School - he was in the 6th grade.

Seems like yesterday he was learning to drive and usually drove us to church every Sunday, then he got his license and I for sure thought he'd go go go but was surprised when he wasn't in any hurry to go go go.

He got many honors today ~ graduated 9th in his class, graduating with honors with distinction those words really do need to be capitalized huh? Honors & Distinction! He worked really hard for those and today was awarded for all that hard work! He received a certificate for Dual Enrollment from Macon State College and actually leaves HS with college credits already which is an awesome program that is offered at his school! He received his National Beta Club pin and tassels, plus received high honors for his academy in Social Studies (Current Issues) as well as in Engineering.  He also received a Rotary Scholarship which he'll attend a breakfast for next week.

1 week old

18 Yrs. old

I'm not sure that it's completely hit me yet (just a few tears and sadness that he is about to graduate) and I'm sure there will be many more tears between now and when he starts college this fall. It's gonna be hard. Not only do I love this kid of mine I LIKE him too and I like when he is home, I enjoy being around him!! Gonna be difficult but I'm also excited for the new path and future our son has ahead of him!

I'm proud of all he's accomplished but most of all I'm proud that he's my SON! Love ya Austin!

Have a great day!

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Linda said...

Beautifully written Sandy. These are bittersweet times for sure. Proud of Austin and all he's accomplished. You and Steven have done well.