Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dewberry Crafts Education Summit
We're having a blast at the Dewberry Crafts Ed. Summit!! We painted and learned lots about Crafty Wave yesterday and today everyone painted two fabulous paintings. Some people weren't done with the finishing touches on their second painting so I'll share a group photo of them later this week.
Monday - Crafty Wave Day!

Althea got 15 inches of her hair cut off and donated it to locks of love!! How awesome is that!!

Today everyone painted this amazing painting - it's done in High Definition paint which leaves fabulous texture like you can achieve with oils. It was so cold outside today here in Florida but the room was warm and cozy with all the warmth from these paintings - and all the fun painters in the room as well!

They painted a second project today but some wanted to put some finishing touches on them before we took a group shot so I'll share those pictures with you later in the week. Gotta get to bed!! Big day tomorrow - teaching the clay portion of the summit and love the project - hope they do as well!

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joan said...

Looks like fun! Have a great week Sandy!!