Saturday, May 30, 2009


MY FRIEND HAS A BLOG! ~ finally!
My friend Donna has a new blog - okay well, I started it for her after 14 months of telling her she needed one. She is one of the "busiest" people I know not to mention creative and inspirational! You can click on the hydrangeas below to to directly to her blog and check it out!

Painting workshops @ Hobby Lobby with Donna Dewberry

Thank for all the attendees for your patience! I know many of you have asked when I was going to get these loaded on my blog and they are.

I was thrilled when I asked Donna to come to Warner Robins, GA and she said YES! We started out with a one day workshop and after it quickly filled up she agreed to stay another day. Her and Marc drove up from Florida, had a moment in the hotel and then off to my house for the crafty gathering event that I had (pictures in earlier post below). They left my house around 10p.m. and then back to the hotel. Friday we started at 9a.m. and I really could not have gotten everything ready without the help of some really good friends - Kim, Sherry and Barb helped me both days and again I would have been sweating bullets trying to get it all done myself before the attendees came in. Thanks to Kim and Stephanie too for helping my hubby clean up after the Saturday workshop - Donna and I flew out of the store after the workshop so that she could get up to the Atlanta airport for a flight to Ohio for a grand opening of a craft store.

The event was held at Hobby Lobby in Warner Robins ~ they have the best employees and management in the world! They bent over backwards making sure we had everything we needed for the event without question!
We had attendees from all over Georgia, many from Alabama, South Carolina and even Florida.

Here is a group shop of the Friday Workshop!
Click on the picture to see it larger!

Group shot of the Saturday
(minus a few people that had to leave early)

Donna taught this beautiful painting with a wooden fence embellishment on the sides and then she painted on top of the fence. She painted a path in between and you could just imagine walking down that path into the most amazing garden.

Donna & Hobby Lobby Store Manager JOE!

Joe & his wife with Donna

Donna and Natalie

So, I almost booked every minute of the time that Donna was there.hehehe
She demo'd at the front of the store after the Friday workshop.

The ladies that were lucky enough to get the sheets she painted all took them to the frame dept. and had them framed - they were so beautiful!

Marc hanging out watching Donna paint - doesn't he just look so PROUD of his wife!!

There is a super sweet story about this lady - Carolyn. She drove with her friend from South Carolina to come to the workshop but couldn't afford to take the workshop herself. She was planning on hanging out in the hotel or around town while her friend painted with Donna all day.
The ladies at Hobby Lobby overheard the conversation she was having and decided to pitch in $$ to pay for her to stay for the workshop. When I told her about it she burst into tears and raised her hands thanking God. I of course started crying - and here we all were in the middle of the store crying because it meant so much to her. Another lady at Hobby Lobby was mad that she didn't get into the action so she donated some $$ for her and her friend to have lunch that day. Did I mention how incredible the people at the Warner Robins Hobby Lobby are?? They are incredibly generous I tell you!!

I had the pleasure of going to Betty's house in Gray, GA and painting with their Red Hat Ladies group! Betty wanted to paint Donna's famous birdhouse so that is what we did - a birdhouse with daisies and wisteria. They were such a fun group of ladies I would love to paint with them weekly!!

My middle son is away at a basketball game this weekend in Atlanta. They've won both of their games so far which is awesome! Wish we could have all gone but my oldest gets to play with a band for the first time ever since taking guitar lessons! I can't wait to see him rock it out on the guitar his nana and poppop got him for Christmas last year. Hopefully they'll share a dvd with us and if they do I'll see I can figure out how to load it on my blog!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Sandy!

You ladies are painting up a storm, and how beautiful are all these wonderful pieces! I cannot think of a nicer person to know than Donna Dewberry, she is indeed an inspiration. Her deep desire to learn to paint and teaching others the Donna Dewberry way is one grand thing! I think her technique is one of the most beautiful! Oh how I would have loved to be there to meet her and so happy that she now has a blog! You enjoy a most wonderful weekend.



Dragonlady said...

What a fun time with Donna...And, I so enjoyed that story about everyone being so generous, doesn't it make you feel wonderful when you are surrounded by such loving people....I love the birdhouse, that is just adorable..

Charlie McGee said...

Hi Sweetie,
It is Sunday night and I'm getting ready to call it a weekend. I loved the photos of your time with Donna, and her blog is great. You did it, she is up and blogging.
Thanks for the phone call, it meant a lot to me. We are taking Hunter to the Doctor tomorrow, hope to get some idea of what is going on with him.
love you.

ADELE said...

Oh I loved this post! Especially the part where the ladies pitched in so that the lady could attend the workshop. Isn't God just good like that? Precious!
Looks like the workshops were so much fun and I am sure the fellowship was as sweet as ever!
Loved this post! Good stuff!

Jillian, Inc said...

Wow! What a talented lady! And what a wonderful and fun time had by all. Happy Birthday to your mom, too!

sa said...