Friday, May 22, 2009

Studio Clay Classes and more!
This week in clay class we created Orchids and Hydrangea ~ two of my favorite flowers.
We of course mad ethem with the Studio Clay by Sculpey.

I loved this project so much I demonstrated how to create them on Donna Dewberry's Orlando TV show. You can see her show here at it's real time so you have to look at the schedule to see when her show is on and watch it then. They tape a bunch of different shows and then make a master disc for that day so it takes much longer than I thought to actually go from taping to online. Lots of editing and special effects but I'm hoping the 3 shows I taped in April with Donna will be on the site soon ~ and then again after watching them I'm sure I'm going to feel so self conscience (SP?) that I with they weren't on there. hehehe

Okay, so back to Clay!



I met Gloria at one of the workshops Donna did at Hobby Lobby and she just loved and wanted to try to the clay ~ she was a natural at it and did a beautiful job!







Then on Wednesday we created a basket with hydrangea. This turned out to be such a sweet project and the two ladies that came did a beautiful job!



So, I've used my YUDU machine and failed miserably!! If any of you have one and have some tips I'd certainly be happy to hear them. Both times my emulsion didn't work right - probably operator error I'm sure but I'm frustrated. FIRST off, if you have one I'd love to hear what you thought of the DVD with Barry? I found him to be extremely annoying. In fact, while at my friends house a couple of weeks ago we were watching it and she had to get up and leave the room - it was that annoying. Anyway! I'm hoping to get some more emulsion at the store tomorrow and give it another try!
My boys finished their last day of school today! This school year sure did FLY by! I'm sure it didn't for the teachers but it did for me. Hard to believe I'll have to in High School in August! Oh my, I'm old!
I have so many pictures to upload and share with the evening event I had here at my house with my friend Donna and other friends and then the two workshops she did at Hobby Lobby and am hoping to get that done soon! I am also in the process of getting a blog up and running for Donna. I'll share the blog address with you once I get it up and running!
Have a great weekend.


justabeachkat said...

It's always fun to come by and see what you and your talented students are working on.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. It's rainy here in the sunshine state. Sigh! I've had a busy week though, so I'll use the weekend to catch up on my rest and my blog reading.


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Sandy

Goodness you come up with some wonderful ideas! Love them, congratulations on the TV show - how wonderful!!

Tara said...



Sorry about the caps lock--

Also stopped by today to let you know it is peach season in New of course my kids asked for your Georgia Peach pound cake!

It is in the oven right now--and I had a hard time keeping them out of the batter-haha! Have a great weeked-Tara

joan said...

I love the basket! Your students did excellent work!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love to come here and see all the beauty..hugs..m.