Monday, February 16, 2009

What's Up with blogger?
I'm ready to start a new blog using something else - I cannot get anything uploaded - especially pictures. I have paid now for extra storage since that is what it says I need to do but it still won't let me post pics. Updated a couple of things today and then all of my posts went away??
Is anyone else having blogger problems? Please let me know. I'm hoping they go away soon!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I did. Spent mine with 3 awesome ladies at my first clay certification and then home to spend the rest with my hubby and our 3 boys. We got chinese takeout so I didn't have to cook which is always a plus!

Have a fabulous day. I'm going to go and sulk now that I cannot do much more on my blog but wait and pray that the bugs get worked out soon.



Linda said...

So sorry. Remember that happened to me a while back. Then after a while it just started letting me post them again.
Thanks for writing on Chan's wall I know he appreciated it.
Love ya sis,

Terri and Bob said...

I am not having any problems today. Sometimes I have updated my adobe and other things and that is helpful. Good luck!

joan said...

Hi Sandy,

I've not had any problems but sometimes I think blogger goes around and picks on random people because once I was having problems also and no one else was. Hope it works out soon.

Lisa "Oceandreamer" Swifka said...

I wish I could help you but I switched to Typepad last July and haven't looked back. Blogger is hard to find a way to get help with problems.
I'm sending you good luck!!!