Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It sure did take a while to get this picture thing fixed. I guess I had used my max quota of MB allowed on my blog and since I had I had to purchase more storage through Picasa Web Albums. Didn't know there was a max!
I have so much to share with ya! I had my very first Studio Home Dimensions Certifications this past week and we had such a fabulous time!
The ladies that attended were so IMPRESSED and EXCITED about all of the tools, clay, paint, project pieces, etc. they got at the certification. I was so impressed I had to take a photo or two!

Sherry & I

working hard putting her clay rose together

working on her leaves for her project board

Kim, Me and Alice

Sherry & Kim

Kim and Alice

Sherry & Kim
By the last day we were all a little
loopy and silly but we had so much fun!


Here they are with a couple of their finished projects! Aren't they gorgeous?!

Today we had a lily clay class. The ladies that attended today had also come to the lily paint class a couple of weeks ago and added their lily to their paintings.





Roz, Lanelle, Sherry & Alice




Emma & Chris
How sweet are they?! Hubby and wife came to paint together.

Sherry stayed after the paint class
and created one out of clay to add to her painting.


Finally huh Jason?!

Hubby is enjoying his new job f~ thanks for all that have asked!! I do miss having him at home everyday with me though! Had gotten quite used to him being home.
Have you checked out my website? I just loaded some pictures on my store that are available for sale. A few of my friends painted these incredible paintings and more will be added soon!
Please pray for my nephew Chandler who has travelled to Argentina to play soccer with the Olympic Development Team. He is an incredible player and we are so proud of him. He flys home on Sunday so please pray that his travels will be safe!
Have a fabulous day.


joan said...

Yea, I am glad you got it fixed. I didn't know there was a max either and I guess I better check to see how much I have left since I love to post pictures. Can you just get rid of the old ones? You students did a great job as always Sandy, love all of their work!

Kim said...

We had a BLAST at Clay Certification and just so there is absolutely no doubt, let me say, loud & clear...Sandy is the BEST teacher EVER!!! We learned so much and had a GREAT time! I was absolutely exhausted at the end of each day but looked forward to going the next day. I am so pumped with all I learned. All I want to do is "play" with clay and create! Too bad I have to work, but I guess I should be thankful so I can pay for more clay! :o) Thanks, Sandy, and I'm sure glad you are "back" able to post pics again. See you soon. Hugs ~ Kim

Linda said...

Wow Sandy I love the clay stuff. Is that what the room looks like everytime you teach a class. That is a lot to clean up afterwards isn't it?
Those flowers on the bucket are cute.
Glad Steven likes his job.
Love ya,

Jason said...

Thanks Sandy, the pic of Jen looks great. I'm glad she had fun, best money I ever spent :) Thanks, Jason

Janet said...

All I can say is I sure wish I lived closer! That looks like a fun class and the results are beautiful.

My gorgeous grape plaque arrived and has a place of honor ready for it in the dining room as soon as hubby puts up the hanger. I love it!! Thank you so much.

Rosemary said...

Great as usual!!
I didn't know that about blogger either.
Thanks for the info.
Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!
Have a nice weekend,