Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogger is being a meany!
Okay, so it's Wednesday and I have tried every day to upload photos and still cannot! PHEWY!
I just uploaded some PAINTINGS by some friends of mine on my website at hope you'll go by and check them out under MY STORE!

I'm gonna continue working on getting my photos uploaded. This has happened before and I've seen it on other peoples blog as well - so maybe it's just a glitch that will work itself out! Sorry for my students that are waiting to see their photos - especially Jason waiting to see a pic of his girl Jennifer!! Jason is serving our country and is stationed in Iraq right now ~ THANK YOU JASON!! I hope blogger will let me post the pics soon.

Have a great day!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Blogger needs to stop being a meany I want to see all the beautiful things you have created with your Friends. I too would like to thank Jason for his service to our country....m..

Jason said...

Sandy and Mary, thanks so much for the thought. I know Jennifer had a wonderful time in the class and it brought a huge smile to my face when she sent me a picture of her lily. It makes me feel good she can participate in this while I'm gone as she is my little artist. Thanks again and have a blessed day, Jason