Monday, June 30, 2008

Passion Flowers and Clay

Today in paint class we painted passion flowers. I have wanted to paint them for some time now and finally got around to teaching them.

I think they turned out beautifully - especially the rouging of paint on the box which I usually do all the backgrounds but wanted the ladies to see how it was done so they did their own.



Jenny won the drawing and got to take home my project piece painted in class.

Emma Rose

I'm working like a mad women trying to get some stuff done for the painting convention I'm going to next week. I have been creating with clay lots but am out of a lot of the colors I really want to use so I'm hoping my big order comes this week. All of these items are being donated to the auction that is held at convention. I got the baskets on clearance at Hobby Lobby and paid no more than $6 for one. Can you believe I only paid $4 for the basket below with the red roses on it.

I did one side on this basket with the lighter pink roses (thought it looked very shabby chic) but ran out of clay to create more for the other side so hopefully that will come in so that I can take it down with both sides done.

I'm also creating calla lilies, daisies, and an Iris for the other baskets I have an also hoping to get some roosters painted. I share all of that with you of course (IF) and when I get them done.

Well, I best get back to work. Hope you have a fabulous day!


nanc said...

hey! finally had a free moment to pop on your site - you are awesome, girl! i would have loved for my kids to be part of your "Camp" & your talents touch so many lives and inspire all of us to reach in and pull out our creative side! progress on the chocolates? graci mae loves her hello kitty pjs - will send you some photos soon! love to all!

nancy from nebraska

Debra said...

You are so talented and a great sister. :)
Love you

Kim said...

Gorgeous! Hey, do you want to borrow some of my clay (if I have the colors you need)? Just let me know and I'll get it to you. Hugs ~ Kim

Mary Isabella said...

Those boxes are really incredibly beautiful....Mary

Sandi McBride said...

very nice ladies...and I love the Rose baskets

MOM said...

Hot in Germany... Love the roses. Have fun at the convention. We are off to London on the 3rd and will return the 7th. Have a safe
4th with the family.
Mom and Dad

Julie said...

I love to come over here and see what you and your students have been up to. As usual - I am not disappointed either!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Is there anything artistic that you CAN'T do??? Those baskets are beyond beautiful. Really. I'm speechless (well, as speechless as a motor mouth like me can get anyway. lol).


Linda said...

Hey sis, Loved getting caught up with all your classes. I really loved what you did with the kids. You are soooo talented.
Love you,

Nerissa said...

Those baskets are beautiful & I love love love the lemonade set.
Have a wonderful time at the convention!

Happy 4th! :)

Linda said...


Three Hotties Trapped in Fat Bodies said...
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Tara said...

Love looking at the projects you create with your classess and everyone is s proud--good for them!