Monday, June 09, 2008

Long time no post ~ I know!
First things first ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT ~ today is my brother in laws birthday! Hope you had a fantastic day. We love you!

I've been a bit behind on posting and visiting - busy with summer fun and running around like crazy. Last friday I had the pleasure of painting & creating with clay with Kim and her daughter Stephanie. Kim was the winner of a drawing from many months ago when she took 6 classes in a month and won the day to spend painting with me. Well, we've tried for months to work out a date and weren't going to have a full day since she had to get her youngest daughter settled with some things at UGA so I invited her daughter Stephanie to come and play with us.

They both had wedding gifts to give so we created vines and leaves to go on the stem of the wine goblets. Then we painted the aged geranium flower pot painting. We had a fabulous day and I so enjoyed having these ladies over painting and creating!



Today we had paint class and we painted Lily of the Valley


This was Sylvia's first class with me and she did a beautiful job ~ she also won the drawing and took home the painting I did in class.




This was Sherry's first class
with me and she jumped right in - she's got some painting experience and paints miniatures -
very detailed and very pretty!


Sherry & Roz
Sherry is Roz's daughter in law!

I did spend the weekend getting ready for my June classes I have 3 more painting classes this week, a week of kids classes next week, clay class, husbands office party (here at the house) and well just so much more but I won't bore you with those details.
My hubby and the boys went to his parents farm this weekend and picked, picked, picked veggies! We loaded up the freezer with lots of green beans and have been eating zuccini, squash, and cucumbers! YUM. Nothing like home grown produce! THANKS OPA!

It's hard to do much of anything with this heat! We set a record yesterday for our area with 100 degrees. We are in serious need of RAIN.

Well, off to get some paint class stuff done and watch the Bachelorette! Have a fab day!


Robyn said...

love the apron of the one ladie with a hugh purple flower, lovely!

petrii said...

What beautiful paintings!! You do such good work.

AHH fresh veggies ~~ I'm growing my first real garden this year and thrilled. We've enjoyed fresh lettuce, radishes and onions in spring and now are anticipating our tomatoes (no recalls on those :)

Have a GREAT day, Dawn

Anonymous said...

LOVE the music!!! I haven't heard 'Something Stupid' in years...

Sandi McBride said...

Glad to see you back! Love the aprons!

Kim said...

Thanks for the sweet comment about the apron, Robyn! I painted that about a year ago. I took the two aprons to Sandy's and let my sweet daughter choose first...thus, I got my 1970s apron. I didn't realize how "unbecoming" it was on me until I saw the pictures! Yikes! Anyway, we had a GREAT time and we loved the clay and the painting. The pictures don't do the glasses justice. They are GORGEOUS! Sandy, you are the BEST! Hugs ~ Kim

joan said...

Your gals always do the best job! Lucky you to get fresh veggies. I love this time of year with all the fresh fruits and veggies. I also know how busy it gets, I feel like I am constantly going these days.

Mary Isabella said...

Some very talented ladies you have there as well as a very inspiring teacher. It has been really hot here also.We too need rain....Smiles...Mary

Terri and Bob said...

Beautifyul! I love how you structure the class to meet everyone's needs.

Julie said...

The aprons and paintings are great! I agree - Love fresh veggies and am so glad we planted tomatoes in Texas since the commercial ones were recalled from the stores! I just wish I had planted a larger variety of veggies and fruit....but there is always next year!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Just popped in for a cheery hello!

You have the most talented students! Must be the great training they receive!

Happy day!

Amy P said...

Just stopped by to say Hi! I see you've been keeping busy too :)

Rosemary said...

Pretty as always!!!

Mary Isabella said...

Love the new banner!!!!!!!!