Friday, April 18, 2008

Painting classes and family fun ~

Roz and her painted cherry blossoms

Dogwood class ~




English garden landscape


This was Jeanne's first class and her name was drawn so she got to take home the project I painted in class.

This was also her first class




Nicole ~
she had to go to the doctor so only got to paint for an hour
but I still made her let me take her picture.

Wednesday my neice and nephew came over after school and we had so much fun. We played on the trampoline and I just had to break out the camera. Andrew's new word is "actually" it's too cute.


This is my younger sister Debbie and she just got her hair cut so I made her let me take her picture - it's so pretty! She got a new boss and things seem to really be going so much better for her now with her job and STRESS level!
Don't forget that I will be drawing a name on Sunday - all comments left from my April 7th post til Sunday will go into the drawing. One of my sweet boys will draw a name out of the basket after church on Sunday so around 1p.m. eastern time.
Have a fabulous weekend!!


Chris said...

Please enter me for your drawing for your painting! Miss you girl - hope everyone is doing well. Blessings and love, Chris C.

petrii said...

These paintings and all the ladies are just beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing. I just love your blog.
Have a GREAT weekend,

Linda said...

The pictures look great of Andrew, Hannah, and Debbie. I believe Andrew learned actually from Carson when they were visiting he says it all the time.
The paintings are great. I love the dogwoods on the black cases.
Love ya,

Mary Isabella said...

Beauty certainly does run in your family. Your sister is a beautiful woman. I am so glad things are better for her at work.
Have an awesome weekend...Mary

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the pictures. The flowers are beautiful and Andrew and Hannah's pictures are great. They are growing up so fast. Debra's new hairdo is wonderful. She looks so sophisticated. Grandma

Kim said...

Paintings are gorgeous as ALWAYS. Love, LOVE Debbie's haircut and am so very glad that her work situation has improved. Her kids are adorable and getting so big. Looking forward to finally painting with you next week. Hugs ~ Kim

Chris said...

You are so darned creative! I would have never thought of painting on old drawers, cabinets, or windows! They always look so cool! Your mom and dad should be so proud of the beautiful women they have - you and your sisters are gorgeous. I wish I could come paint with you - remember when we painted cardboard for the swinging doors for a wives thing at Mildenhall?? Too fun. . .Blessings and love,

MOM said...

Hey, Great pictures of Deb and the children. I'm sittting at Gloria and showing her all the bloggs. Have a good week.
Love, Mom

Sandi McBride said...

Looks like all had a great your sister's do...need to get mine done! Going to Shaw AFB tomorrow to get my Military ID renewed, should have done the do sooner, lol...your class did so well...can't wait for the drawing, hope I win, lol