Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Geraniums ~

We painted geraniums yesterday in paint class




Nicole won the drawing and got to take home the project piece I painted in class.




Today was our last day for bowling league. I did better than I've done in weeks. I bowled a 214, 169, and 168 for a 551 series. I was so excited to finish the season with high series of a 579 and high game of 226! YIPPEE!!
However, our team finished last. That's the pitfall of having handicaps but that's okay! It was a fun bowling year and I'm looking forward to next year already.

We have open house tonight at the high school my oldest "might" be going to next year. OH MY! High School ALREADY??!! We've not heard the most positive things about it but we really want to check it out for ourselves and form our own opinions. He's already guaranteed spots in the advanced classes which will be awesome but like I said we'll just have to wait and see what's gonna happen.

Have a fabulous day.


Charlie McGee said...

Hi girlfriend,
Just popped in to say hi and to thank you for all of your postive comments. I went by the lot today and they have finally surveyed it and have also put the markers where the home will set. I was so excited to see something finally taking place there.

Went next door to get my hair cut, nope, don't like it. I'll have to go home and play with it myself and if I still don't like it I will go to Samantha tomorrow and let her do her magic.

Good luck on the open house tonight. I know how scary it is sending your child to a school that you aren't too sure of, but I"m sure that you and DH will make the right decision. Speaking of DH, have you heard any news on where he might be getting a job?

Tell the family I said Hi, and I"ll try to pop in again soon. I'm not opening the studio much in the next few weeks, taking time to get moved and getting ready for the wedding.
love ya,

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

beautiful as always!!!

Julie said...

How Beautiful!!! That would look amazing painted on a slate tile ..hanging in my garden!

Mary Isabella said...

These pictures speak of Summer time to me and they are so beautiful....Mary

Skeeter said...

The paintings look like they were fun to create. Great blog!

Best wishes :-)