Friday, May 06, 2011

What's on My Easel

So a few of you have asked what I've been working on lately - and this is what sits on my easel today.

I am teaching Angel Trumpet Flowers this month in paint class and I wanted to paint them in oils.

I did this yesteday in about 3 hours and need to leave it alone - have tried to go in and add some shadows and all but I keep getting into the wet areas. I also need to fix up the flower on the bottom  - not feeling the back petals are exactly the way I want them.

Can't paint today - just not feeling up to it! One of those days where I have 1,000 other things in my head and heart and if I try to paint anything today it will look forced.  Will post a final pic of it when I'm done.

Needing to just be still & quiet today you know what I mean? Most days I'm confident with so many things in my life - not feeling that way today at all - and days like this really get me down!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Kim said...

Sandy, I think God blesses us with days like that to remind us that we can't solve life's problems alone. We need to give them to Him so He gets the glory, which is what we, as sisters in Christ, really want, right? I love you and am holding you close in my heart and my prayers. Your forever friend, Kim

Charlie McGee said...

May tomorrow be a bright and beautiful day for you. May you see beauty and joy in all that you see, my you rejoice in God's glory and peace. I am praying that right now you will feel His peace, may you know that He holds you in his arms and carries you. He continues to bring you to my mind and I am praying each and every time. God is so good to let us pray for one another, to let us be friends and to care and love one another. Enjoy your down time, because the mountain top is coming. love you girl.