Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Painting Hydrangeas and playing catch up!

Oversized Canvas Painting
I finished the 24x36 I was painting with some surprise.....hydrangeas - again I know! I do love them though and think they are one of my favorite flowers ever - fresh or dried!

Playing catch up after being away so much this summer! I thought I posted these pictures from our Poppy class where the ladies learned how to flip the petals but I couldn't find it anywhere on my blog so I guess that means I didn't post them.

First day of school went well for the boys. In fact the older two came home and said now we have a reason to sing the song by Kiss "Hot for Teacher" they both have a "hot" teacher this year they said - great - note the sarcasm there - had the long talk last night about boundaries and respectfulness which they know but it was a good reminder of how they should behave. hehehe
Was also informed by my almost 14 year old after asking him "how was my baby's first day back at school?" NOT to call him my baby anymore as he is almost 14 and not a baby anymore. :( Told him he was right and I wouldn't call him that anymore but he won't hear me whispering it in my head huh? He'll always be my baby!
Back to painting and getting ready for the boys to be home from school.
Have a great day!


Karen June Miller said...

You know what I love even more than their paintings??? The looks of pride and satisfaction of each face! Great teacher = elated student!

Hugs, KJ

tea time and roses said...

Dropping in to wish you and the other fabulous painting ladies a beautiful week!:o)



Danelle O'Donnell said...

Sandy, your hydrangea's are absolutely gorgeous! I want to be you!

your friend,