Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Another large painting

I have to remember that not all of my family and friends are on facebook! Some of you had emailed asking where my finished painting was and I forgot I only posted it on FB. Anyway, here it is ~ I love the way it turned out. It's up at the Gallery in the Peach Shops of Byron waiting to find a new home!

This one is on a 48x48 gallery wrapped canvas. I have a 48x60 on my easel at the moment waiting to be painted and a 24x36 that I painted the background on today and hope to get painted tomorrow.

My boys started school today! Can't remember the last time our house was all up before 6a.m. but we were. Youngest got on the bus at 6:40a.m. - that is sooooo early!! My two other sons actually rode off in their jeep to school. It was a sad but happy moment - sad that they have gotten old enough to be able to drive themselves to school but happy that they can finally drive themselves places!! This summer vacation went by way too fast ~ seems like they just got out ~ they were not too ready to go back but I think excited about seeing all of their friends.

Anyway, thought I'd get more done today that I did - however - two blog posts in one day p YIPPPEE!! I've been so slack in posting! Managed to get the shirts in the post below painted this a.m. and have lots to get done for my classes this month before heading to Florida again.

Hope you have an outstanding day!!
P.S. There is a fabulous Creative Community over at The Hive - click on the picture below and sign up to see and read about some incredibly talented people!! It's completely FREE to sign up too!

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