Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My venting,Painting Classes & finally some sleep~
Thank you all for your sweet comments and suggestions regarding our IPOD fiasco.
I have filed a complaint with the Michigan Better Business Bureau so we'll see what comes of it.
I'm sure we'll never see IPOD again but I'm gonna make sure they hear my dissatisfaction LOUD & CLEAR!

I had some fabulous paint classes this week.
I cannot begin to tell you what JOY I get from being about to share my passion for painting with these ladies.

My Monday class was a basic strokes class ~ kinda. You didn't have to be a beginner to take this class but I had 7 new students take the class and it was awesome! It's was a way to kinda get back to basic paint strokes and combine them and complete a pretty project.

This was her first class with me. Although she's never painted before she is quite creative with a calligraphy pen and I think the two combined will produce some amazing pieces of ART!

Ann ~

Ann travels 2 hours to come to class which just amazes me. She works with a bunch of men and LOVES coming to hang out with us gals!

Ann won the project piece drawing and got to take home the project piece that I painted in class.

This was Nicole's 66th class I think ~ and it just goes to show that even after that many classes it's fun and helpful to go back to the basics of things and re-train.

My evening class was FULL & busy. I limit my classes to 8 so that I can get around to everyone and give them lots of attention. Of the 8 students 5 were brand new to my evening class and most brand new to painting.


This was Roz's first class with me


This was Paula's first class with me.


This was Diana's first class with me

Diana won the drawing and took home the project piece that I painted in class.

(Diana & Paula are sister in laws)


This was Joyce's first class.


Barb and Joyce are crochet buddies.


Dawn's daughter Deanna

This was her first class with me.

Today we painted a TRIO of Sunflowers

A large sunflower on a 14x14 canvas

and 2 8x10 canvases painted with a half sunflower and the back of a sunflower.


This was Carol's first class with me but she isn't new to painting and is quite creative with Oils, Acrylics and does a bit of stained glass.



Alice won the drawing and got to take home the 3 project pieces I painted in class.


After class I got to finally go to lunch with my friend Nicole. We were going to go to lunch on Monday but got a call from my youngest son asking me to pick him up from school. Took him to the doctor yesterday (since he stayed home from school) and he has some kind of virus they think and has coughed non-stop for 2 days now. Poor thing has given himself and me such a headache from all the coughing. He stayed home from school today and Daddy took care of him this morning and then had to go to work.

I did all of this on very little sleep. I don't know why but when my hubby is gone I cannot sleep. Even though we have an alarm system and I'd hear if anyone came in I am unable to go to sleep and think the absolute worse. I say my prayers and try to go to sleep (with one eye open of course) and am just unable to fall asleep or get comfortable. Hubby went off to Germany on Sat. for work (kinda of unexpected) and got home last night. I was so thrilled when he got home at 10:30 last night and couldn't wait to put my ear plugs in and go to sleep. Since my sweet hubby snores I have to wear ear plugs - maybe that is why I cannot fall asleep when he's gone because I don't have my earplugs in. Didn't realize how LOUD the dogs and cows are in our neighborhood ~ YES, cows. There is a house around the corner from us that has some land and lots of LOUD cows. They really did sound like they were outside my bedroom window one night having a fight with the hound dog that lives next door.

Maybe I can blame my lack of stellar bowling yesterday on lack of sleep. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that I had over 100 for each of my games but since my average is 155 and I didn't hit it once ~ I really should have just stayed home ~ but instead went bowling and took my coughing sick son with me.

Hubby has gone off to take son #2 to basketball practice and I've done the dishes, laundry, and as soon as he gets home it's off to bed! Still need to catch up on my sleep.

Scary to see the footage from the tornadoes that went through the south. My older sister lives in Memphis and when I spoke with her last night they were under a tornado warning/watch - whatever it is when they've seen one on the ground. The Hickory Ridge Mall where I've shopped many times was the mall they were showing this morning on TV and how about the pictures of those dorms in Jackson, TN. Scary. Keep these communities in your prayers!

Don't forget about my Giveway! Check it out a couple posts below - the one with 70+ comments - although all comments left from that original date until Feb. 14th will go into the drawing for the strawberry tray I painted. Nic and I are also offering a giveway on our blog here
M&E Designs

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Terry Richey said...

Oh I want to paint sooooo bad! I have about 5 people calling and emailing me to teach a class. Not sure about that one...especially with working two jobs. I really like the sunflower trio. Did you use HD paint? Hope your doing well. I dont get to chat with you nearly enough, but I do try and keep up with your blog as much as possible.

Linda said...

Great job on the paintings. Wow I really like the sunflower trios! Thanks for mentioning your OLDER sister! :) We are thankful that we were not personally affected but so many others were so thanks for keeping them in your prayers.
Love ya,

Mary Isabella said...

Sunflowers just speak to me. They are so beautiful in the garden standing so tall and proud. The birds can peck at their seeds and we can gather those same seed roast them and have a tasty treat. Amazing.. We have those same storms here in Southern Ky. last nigt ans it was scary. So many in Tenn. hurt and injured.and loss of life. So much prayer is needed. Have a Blessed night ...Mary

Katrina Chambers said...

Great painting! I wish I could paint!! I laughed about not being about to sleep without hubby - I am the same!!

Sandi McBride said...

I am amazed at these paintings and the Sunflowers are just so sister Holly is very artistic...she got all that don't forget to take the ipod prob the extra mile and send the Michigan State Attorney General all the info....I'm serious here my friend...they will go after them...that's what the people pay him/her to do! Make him/her earn their keep! Glad you got a nice rest...I know what you mean about being unable to sleep whilst hubby is gone! It's more than the's the presence...k, gonna run...hugs

Rosemary said...

Hi Sandy,
Love the paintings that your class did.
So sorry to hear about your ipod.
I hadn't heard of that before.
Glad you finally got some sleep.
I don't sleep when my husband is gone either. Glad it isn't very often.
Have a nice evening,

justabeachkat said...

Hi there! Bad me...I haven't been by in awhile. Life has been wild, crazy and busy for me, but things have calmed down and I've enjoyed getting to "catch up" on what you've been doing.'ve been busy too. Loved all the painting, especially the sunflowers! Wow...just beautiful.
I sure hated to read about the iPod scam! How are the pups?


Anonymous said...

Ohhh all of your students look so happy! Their works are wonderful!
I'm so sorry about the ipod situation. That must be very frustrating for you. I hope that everything else is alright.

Enzie Shahmiri said...

I have found your blog through My One World - One Heart Giveaway and wanted to invite you to visit my blog.

I am having a give away of an original pen and ink drawing for my One World-One Heart Give Away

joan said...

Hi Sandy,

I love the sunflowers. And did you say some of these gals are brand new to painting? Couldn't tell it from the great finished products! Hope your son is better soon. Lots of icky junk going around.

Anonymous said...

Sandy Jane!
Update your blog. Hope you had a great weekend. Cant wait to see you tomorrow! Need some of your sunshine!

Anonymous said...