Monday, November 26, 2007

What's this world coming to? Two posts in one day you say?
Yes, two posts in one day. I taught a painting class this morning and wanted to share those photos with you.

We painted the Holiday Placemats on canvas board. When you back them with felt or cork and seal the canvas they make the perfect holiday placemat!



Nicole was showing me her finger as she stuck it right in the corner of her wet holly leaves and berries.

Nicole's daughter - Hallie Zoe
She was sick and didn't go to school ~ I couldn't let her just sit there and watch ~ so she joined in and painted with us.

Mary Jo

We've been asked many times and here they finally are ~ handpainted personalized canvases. We'll list them in our ETSY store soon but if you are interested in having one just email me at Change the color combinations, name or monogram initials, polka dots or stripes, etc. The canvas shown are 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas so there are no staples on the sides. You can either frame it or hang it like it is as the sides are painted as well. We'll be adding some personalized ornaments to our Etsy store this week as well so make sure to check it out often for new additions.

EDIT: I took pictures of these two when they were still wet - so you'll see a sheen under Gabby's name and on the letters below that are not there when dry.

We had some much needed rain today! I'm not sure how much we got but it rained HARD! and we sure did need it here in Georgia. Hope N. Ga. got double what we did today as they are really hurting for rain in that part of the state.
I'm so excited about bowling tomorrow. I haven't been in two weeks because of my cold and last week because of Thanksgiving.
Have a fabulous week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, wow two posts in one day! We can't even manage two posts in one week!!!! Fab photos, your ladies are very talented. So funny Nicole doing that with her wet paint!! Tonight we will be browsing your Etsy, these canvases are so sweet! Jenn and Jacqui

Christi Snow said...

oh, my! I love those name signs!hmmm, I am thinking about birthdays since Christmas is taken care of... smiles!

Bonnie said...

Hi Sandy, just popping in to say hello!! love all the snowmen stuff you guys did. I also wanted to tell you I love your new banner for your blog-it is great! Have a super day!! Bonnie

Sugar Bear said...

Love those personalized canvases. They look perfect!

Southern Sugar said...

love the snowmen and the music!

Mary Isabella said...

I love the projects as usual Mary

carlene federer said...

Your Market stuff looked fantastic! And I love the snowman placemats, TOO CUTE!!!
Happy Holidays!

Sandi McBride said...

They're all great, but Hallie, now that girl's got the talent! You need to be sure she gets a few lessons!

Linda said...

Great job everyone. I love the canvas work can't wait to place my order.
Love ya

Ann(i)e said... are making me crazy over here...the snowman!!
the will be emailing you about a lil' something something of an order!!!

joan said...

I just love snowman and your girls did a great job as usual. Thanks for sharing!

Susie Q said...

I love these holiday projects! And the name signs are so cute!

I would be like Nicole and have my fingers in the wet paint!