Tuesday, January 03, 2012


So I've been wanting to do a post on how PROUD I am of my baby sister on her healthy lifestyle change and losing 150+ lbs. over the course of a year and some months. My older sister did a post today so I thought I'd share her post with you since she did such a great job writing it and added a bit at the bottom from me!

DayDay (aka - Debbie) we LOVE you and are so PROUD of you!

From my sister Linda over at Engraved in His Palms

Do you need a little inspiration????Got it right here!
I am the oldest of three girls. I love my sisters. Sandy, the middle sister and I have always looked the most alike-we look like our mom's side of the family. Debbie has always looked more like my dad's side of the family. Sandy was never overweight in high school, she has struggled some as an adult but has always had pretty good control over it. I, too was very thin in high school but have struggled my entire adult life with my weight and am currently about 50lbs heavier than I would care to be so overweight is the term I am labeled right now.(Having said all of that about me I must tell you I have a saint for a husband who truly loves me just the way I am . I know he would like us both to be healthier but everyday he asks me how I could be more beautiful today than the day we met? In fact he will probably be upset with me for talking bad about myself because he hates it when I do that. I seem to self deprecate a lot!!!)

I have digressed because this post is supposed to be about my sister..
Debbie, the youngest has always struggled with her weight. She was an overweight child, a happy child that had tons of friends and a family that loved her but the weight kept mounting and I know she tried to take it off several times but, like most of us, it never worked for very long.. Well as she was watching Biggest Loser one night something clicked for her and she never turned back...
I am so incredibly proud of her taking control of her life in this area. She has worked very hard and used the weight watchers program. She is truly an inspiration.

Sandy- the middle one

Debbie with her family about a year before she started her journey

Debbie and her kiddos with Ruby- from TV-- she drove a couple hours to workout with her and tons of other people

Debbie today-- love it!!! She does say after so many years of being overweight she has to deal with accepting the new her and trying to keep it off.
She started in May of 2010 and had lost over 100 pounds by May of 2011--this picture was taken 1 year and 5 months into her journey.
I am sooooooo proud of her- She got off the couch and out from in front of the TV-she made no more excuses and just did it.... She is an inspiriation!!!! Love you Day Day!!!

Here's hoping that she has inspired me enough to begin, yet again.... Linda

Thanks for writing that today Linda! All of Debbie's friends and family saw her struggle with her weight and she always tried to fool everyone into thinking she was happy - but she'd be the first to tell you that she wasn't.
The repeated trips to the doctors office for her heart, thyroid, etc. AND it seemed like she always had a cold or was sick. 
Something "clicked" which is what I think has helped her have long term success!

She had a LONG road ahead of her (see picture above - probably at her heaviest) and she took it one step at a time - literally - in fact she's still taking them.

She works out and continues to check herself on what she eats ~ which I might have to add is a lot more vegetables than I think she never knew existed. She doesn't drink soda anymore (I've given up Diet Coke more than I can count - but it's my weakness). She INSPIRED & continues to INSPIRE me!

I think we all have to remind ourselves that we only get ONE shot at this life and we have to make the BEST of it while we are here ~ we're gonna stumble, fall and even sometimes fail miserably ~ but we also have to remind ourselves that WE can pick ourselves UP, look forward to another day - a better day, achieve and succeed!!



Linda said...

Yay Deb!! San and I are really so proud of you... we were before but this is just one more reason to add to why we think you are so awesome!!

Bella Michelle said...
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Bella Michelle said...

WOW!!!!! Your family never ceases to amaze me! Good for her for taking charge and getting healthy!

BTW, thank you for your kind words and thoughts during the recent issues with my little man! Happy New Year!!!

Vicky said...

What a wonderful transformation! Such an inspiration to us all to get healthy! Great article for all to read....especially since many of us are waning on our RESOLUTIONS!! Congrats to Debbie!