Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Back to School

WOW! Where did summer break go? Way too fast I can tell ya! 

Today one is a Senior, one is a Junior and our youngest a Freshman!

Their school decided to go to a basic uniform this year ~ which we were thrilled with. It really did make clothes shopping easier and well....I kinda missed the uniforms they wore when they were in school in England.
Khakis and a solid colored polo style shirt - tucked in with a belt.  If they forget their belt or if the pants are sagging the school will provide the kids with a nice "pink" zip tie to hold them up for the day.

Have to admit and brag a bit about how proud I am of these three fine young men! They work hard at school to make good grades ~ although they were blessed with their daddy's smarts ~ so that helps! They all have good heads on their shoulders, love their church and their family! All three having amazing musical talent and I'm blessed to be their momma! 

Before I know it our oldest will be walking across the stage accepting his diploma and this school year will be over. Looking forward to spending more time with them and cherishing every moment because they'll be off to college and we;ll be empty nesters before long ~ enjoying the journey as it happens and not wanting to rush anything ~ time will do that on it's own.

Have a blessed day!

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