Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm so ready for FALL ~ have already started decorating the house!  We got a new couch for the living room and well - it's HUGE but I LOVE it and it's quite comfortable!

I love these pumpkins - got them 90% off at Hobby Lobby last year (originally $40.00) they were on the pedastals already but since they are made of resin they were quite scratched up - HELLO - nothing a little - okay A LOT of glitter wouldn't fix!

I must have sat across from the couch in the showroom for about an hour looking at it trying to decide - at one point I was on one side and Steven on the other - laying down looking at each other - talking about whether or not we liked it!
Just realized looking at this picture that I need to take those spring flowers OFF the wall by the screen!

Can't decide if this is the way we are going to leave it or not! For now, it's good! TOO heavy to move by myself so once I decide where it's going - if we do move it - that is where it will stay!

Birthdays ~
our baby will be 14 years old tomorrow! So hard to believe he is 14 years old already! He certainly is our COMIC relief - always making us laugh with his quick wit and humor!

My Grandmother has a birthday on Tuesday! She is amazing - still drives, shops, lives in the same house she has for many many years! She sings and travels with choirs, loves to listen to jazz concerts and is always busy!!

our nephew Cameron celebrates his birthday later in the month (28th) ~ we love you Camo - hope your birthday is super FUN!

Of course, I will share photos as I get them. Have been terrible about getting the camera out for much lately!

Have a fabulous week! I'll be back with posts soon!


Linda said...

Very nice sista! Love the new couch and the fall decorations.. Hope Holland has a fabulous day!
Love ya

Julie said...

Ohh - I love your couch too!!! I am SOO ready for Fall.. especially since our AC went out and we have to brave the heat until it was fixed!

Bella Michelle said...

Well, I left a comment and poof it seemed to be has been a long time since I have been by to "visit" and I am glad to see that everything is as beautiful as ever!

Anonymous said...

Love your new sofa!