Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fabric Painting

We painted these really cute shirts in class last weekend
Ann & Ellen came and Nicole brought with her ~ two of her daughters and one of their friends and Nicole's Mom also came out to paint with us which was fun! The girls provided lots of entertainment and laughter and we all had a great time.

I just love the way the shirts turned out - remember I have three boys - I don't get to do the cutesy - girly- swirly thingy too often so I love when I have classes that are "girly"!


My friend Marzia from Italy creates the most beautiful shirts too - she'll be at the Summit next week showing us some cool tricks and I can't wait to see how she does what does she with fabric paint!


Hallie Zoe


Lexi and her friend Hallie Jean - they were too funny and made shirts for each other and then wore the shirt they made for the other. Cute huh?



4th of July

My younger sister and her kiddos came over on the holiday weekend and Hannah and Autumn painted shirts! They had a blast and were creative!


Autumn ~ Hannahs friend

Hannah & Autumn

Stroke Study Workshop
I told you how far behind I was on posting right?? I held this Stroke Study Workshop

on June 26th! We had a blast! All day Saturday learning the ins and outs of 3 strokes - how to hold your brush, how to load your brush, how to paint different things using those strokes! Thankfully they all enjoyed it!

Sue, Amy, Cindy, Julia, Debi, Sherry, Monica, Dawn, Jenny, Barb,
Sharon, and Patty

Patty's two granddaughters came and shared their paintings they did with their grandmother!

Have a great day!

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Sugar Bear said...

I LOVE the fabric shirts. What endless possibilites as showcased by your talented students!