Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Air Conditioner & Paint Classes

How's that for a hodge podge title?!

I'm sitting here waiting for the air conditioner repair guy to show up - hate that I have to pay the overtime rate but right now it's worth every penny - cause it's hot in my house!
While we were here at the house painting Friday night my air seemed stop working - it was cool just beore everyone got here and of course while guests were over it stopped. I checked the temp on the unit - said it was set for 70 but read 87. It was so humid and hot and the ladies were super sweet about it although I'm sure they were sweating like crazy and hiding it from me as to not make me feel bad.

We had some fun paint classes this week! I had an ornament class like I did earlier in the month
and a Crafty Wave Welcome Sign class.




This was her first class with me and her first time painting. She said she's always wanted to learn and she jumped in full blast and did such an awesome job!
She also signed up for Donna Dewberry's workshop that we're having next month - Oct. 9th & Oct. 10th. (I still have a spot in the Sat. Oct. 10th workshop to fill if you want to come?? Let me know)




Of course I asked Nicole to write Welcome on anyones sign that wanted it painted on NICELY! She has the most incredible handwriting and can paint words beautifully! They all loved it and I think we're so excited they didn't have to paint the words themselves.






This was Karen's first class with me although not her first time painting. It had been awhile and she said she was ready to get back into to! So glad she did and it was awesome having her here - (just sad my house had to be so hot! urgh!)


There say you have a twin in the world and every time I look at Sherri I see my good friend Nancy C. from England - they look like long lost twin sisters!





We had a fabulous McTier family reunion yesterday too! Hubby had already gone up to get ready for it on Friday and the boys and I went up yesterday for some good southern food for lunch! I'm hoping to get some pictures from my mother in law to share - didn't take too many with my camera.
Gotta go - the air conditioner guy is here $ $ $ OVERTIME rate for coming just to tell me what is wrong with it is $104.00. Crazy huh? Hopefully he'll be in and out of here so we can make it to church on time and then I have to finish getting ready for my classes this week. Of course will share those pics with you soon.

Have a great day!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Hope he gets the A.C. fixed we are off to church ourselves. Have a Blessed day..m..

Anonymous said...

Backfrom church, don't need the a/c
at this point but have in the past.
Hope yours got fixed. Now I have to wait for the plumber to present a
contract to replace two sinks upstairs and downstairs in the bathrooms. Got the total cost but haven't seen what is covered. All in due time. Have a wonderful week.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Sandy,

Those ladies with their lovely smiles are really enjoying themselves!:o) The welcome signs are beautiful! Enjoy a lovely week with air!:o)