Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....
I had two ornament classes today - one painting and the other clay! It's hard to believe that in just over 3 months it will be Christmas!!

We added Extreme Glitter on just about everything!! Love that stuff!!! You can find it here: My favs are Hologram and Periodot





Debora & her daughter Kathryn

We had the clay class right after the painting class and Roz and Gloria created some amazing ornaments!!



Hard to believe my baby is 13 years old tomorrow!! I'll have three teenagers!YIKES! Three teenage boys at that!!! They are lots of fun though! Will share photos tomorrow!
Have a fabulous day!!


Terri and Bob said...

Those are extraordinary!~

Hey, I don't know why but I only get about half of your posts sent to me. Just wanted you to know that... since I don't see you much!!

Anonymous said...

A happy birthday to Holland. Doesn't seem possible but time flies when you are having fun. Love the ornaments Grandma

Anonymous said...

Good job ladies, they look awesome! Happy Birthday to your son, I hope he had a great day.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Holland. Who would have thought all those years ago when you had 3 in diapers there would come a day when they would all 3 be teenagers. :)
Love the ornaments. The clay snowman is my favorite.
Love ya,

Kim said...

Had a great time, as always, Saturday. However, after seeing this post, no more pics of me! I mean it! Have fun this week. Hugs, Kim