Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We painted Old World Santas ~ I have to admit and I think my students would agree that this was a toughy. They persevered and all did a fabulous job.






Mary Jo

Emma Rose


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I've been playing with clay again and will post those pics soon. Have a great day.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lace painting and more Jar Toppers
Today in paint class we painted Lace work - I love this look. We painted it on the back of this glass disc that is actually for candles (50% off right now at Hobby Lobby) and with the painting on the back it can be used as a platter for food during the holidays.

We painted it with Plaid's Enamel Paint ~ it can be baked in the oven so that the dish can go into the dishwasher on the top rack.




I worked on more jar toppers today. Trying to get some stuff made for a couple of events I have coming up next month. I've had such a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that by the end of this week it will be November! YIKES where has this year gone. Maybe it's because I will be 41 next month. Oh well, it's just a number huh?!
Wanted to share a gas update with you all and if you are paying so much more I'm sorry!
Today is was $2.38 a gallon - can't remember the last time it was that low.

Have a great day.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Anniversary, A wedding,
playing dress up and I've been tagged!

Happy Anniversary to my brother in law Michael and his wife Lynne! We love you both!

A wedding ~

Yesterday my friend Nicole's daughter got married and it was such a beautiful wedding and the bride even more beautiful. Thankfully all the rain blew through our area on Friday and yesterday was perfect weather for an outdoor wedding.

Wish the pictures were better - I actually had a paint class eariler (which I will post pictures for on Wednesday) and I left my camera in my paint bag - so I took these with my phone - low pixels.

Nicole and her son - escorting her to her seat.

After the beautiful wedding ~ one of the highlights of the reception was during the father & daughter dance - the music skipped - Nicole and I looked at each other like what's up and dad and daughter broke out into a hip hop dance and the quests LOVED it! Too cute! Nicole's sister sang at the wedding and Mauri - it was breathtakingly beautiful!!

After the wedding my neice and nephew came over and of course I had to take photos - I think I take more photos of them then I do my own chidren. My boys are too old to dress up these days.

I tired to talk Andrew into wearing this look for Halloween but he wasn't having any of it and couldn't wait to take the "eewy hair" off his head (his quote not mine) LOL.


She didn't want this look for Halloween either and instead wants to be a rose maiden?? Not quite sure what that is but I'm sure it will better suit her personality then this look.hehehe

Then of course it was out to the trampoline - something they love to do when they come to Aunt Sandy's house.

I got on and jumped with them but that didn't last too long - Andrew didn't like flopping around like a fish so I stopped.

It's called Fourth of Fourth
Okay, here's how it works:

Pick your 4th folder
Pick your 4th photo
Explain it
Pick 4 people to tag

The 4th folder in my photos is actually pictures of FALL I put the 4 photos that were in that file for some FALL inspiration for y'all.

I just love the colors of fall - changing leaves, vibrant orange and yellow flowers

I'm suppose to tag 4 people but you know how much I don't like leaving anyone out - so if you want to play along - post it and make sure you let me know so I can come by and see!!

Y'all have a fabulous day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary to my parents! Today is their anniversary and since they live in Germany and there is a time difference ~ I didnt' have a chance to call them and wish them a fabulous ANNIVERSARY! Hope you both had a wonderful day together! LOVE YOU!
Tuesday was my baby sisters birthday!! I know you had an eventFULL, busy birthday and I'm sorry I missed you at work!!

My first Studio by Sculpey clay class at Hobby Lobby!

I was so excited to actually have my first clay class at Hobby Lobby. They finally got the products in last month and I've been so excited to start classes there.

We created Calla Lilies and had so much fun.
I have absolutely fallen in love with this clay! It's so easy to use and create with!


Mary Jane





I found this great frame at Hobby Lobby and just had to put something CLAY on it - created this red oriental poppy to go on it!

Hubby and I worked all day today on my space up at the Byron Peach Antiques Mall. I will start selling there November 1st and we built an amazing structure today for our space. I will take pictures next time I'm up there - don't think we'll be able to crawl out of bed tomorrow with all the muscles we used today to build this 8ft high 8x14 space. It looks good though and I think my hubby did an amazing job with what was in his mind for the space.

Today gas was $2.49 - can you believe it -the lowest I remember it in years!!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Aged Bucket & Apples Paint Class

Today in paint class we painted an aged bucket with apples. I love this painting and cannot take credit for the idea. Jerry Yarnell a fine artist painted it and I saw him on TV (BYU channel 4:30p.m. (Eastern) on Saturdays. He is an amazing artist and well I just knew I had to come up with a class and teach it to my students.





Shirley was unable to be at class because she was sick but she won the drawing and got the painting I painted in class.






I don't know why blogger does this but it won't upload this picture the right way!phewy! sorry Ellen.

Barb won the drawing and got to take home the project I painted this evening in paint class.
Things have been busy busy busy here! Trying to get some painting and clay done for upcoming classes. Things are going super up at the Byron Welcome Center and I spent a couple of hours up there on Friday meeting people and having the most fascinating visit with Frances that runs the Center! She knows everyone and has the coolest stories about the town!
GAS here today is $2.59 can you believe it? When we moved here from England a few years ago it was $2.56 and I cannot remember it being that low since.
Have a great day.