Monday, October 20, 2008

Aged Bucket & Apples Paint Class

Today in paint class we painted an aged bucket with apples. I love this painting and cannot take credit for the idea. Jerry Yarnell a fine artist painted it and I saw him on TV (BYU channel 4:30p.m. (Eastern) on Saturdays. He is an amazing artist and well I just knew I had to come up with a class and teach it to my students.





Shirley was unable to be at class because she was sick but she won the drawing and got the painting I painted in class.






I don't know why blogger does this but it won't upload this picture the right way!phewy! sorry Ellen.

Barb won the drawing and got to take home the project I painted this evening in paint class.
Things have been busy busy busy here! Trying to get some painting and clay done for upcoming classes. Things are going super up at the Byron Welcome Center and I spent a couple of hours up there on Friday meeting people and having the most fascinating visit with Frances that runs the Center! She knows everyone and has the coolest stories about the town!
GAS here today is $2.59 can you believe it? When we moved here from England a few years ago it was $2.56 and I cannot remember it being that low since.
Have a great day.


Kim said...

Girl...that was quick! I just got home from Bryant's football game and you've already posted pics from our class that didn't end until after 8:00! Okay, so looking at my painting on here, my apples are WAY too dark. I'm going to "touch up" that painting then paint another after we get back. I'll send pics when I'm finished. Awesome class. So wish I was going to be in town on Saturday so I could attend the Old World Santa class. Big Hugs & God's Blessings, Kim

Linda said...

I love these pictures. The colors are beautiful. I love how you are branching out and giving your students so many different ways and things to paint.
Have a great day!
Love ya,

Dragonlady said...

WOW, That is a Beautiful painting and all of your students did a terrific job on their's too..

petrii said...

OHH Apples ~~ I had a baked apple with oats and honey for breakfast just this morning ~~ a basket of apples yummee and fall like!!!!!

Have a Blessed day, Dawn

JILL said...

Love those paintings! Everyone did such a great job. And I can't believe the gas prices!

joan said...

Oh there's that painting I love so much! Your class did an amazing job.

Sandi McBride said...

Very well done! I remember an artist who painted on PBS years ago..he was just marvelous and made it look so easy. He could paint the most fantastic trees...I don't remember his name and he passed away a while back...but he was a true inspiration...I'm thinking you are, too.

Cindy said...

Sandi, I love the pics. Did you use HD or regular acrylics? My husband's up at the base in Warner Robbins this week taking a class. Wish I could have gone with him. I could have met you and taken a class or two from you. Maybe next time.

Jacksonville, FL

Sandy said...

Hi Cindy,
I used regular acrylics but I think it would be awesome in HD.
If you do have the opportunity to come up with your hubby next time let me know - it would be awesome to meet you and also get together and paint!
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Great job from everyone.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Nothing says Fall like a basket of apples and yours are beautiful...m...

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Sandy!

You ladies are simply amazing, the paintings are beautiful!



~~Deby said...

Beautiful Sandy...
I think this is a stunning picture.

Charlie McGee said...

Hi Sweetie, Love the photos, and thanks so much for posting the wedding photos. Please give Nicole a hug for me.

I'm going to e-mail you, got things to tell you, but just wanted to pop in here and say Hi.
love ya,