Monday, December 08, 2008


The septic tank people came today to start on our septic tank issues.

We noticed some darker areas in our yard a couple of weeks ago and after some investigating my hubby realized it was the sewage. YUK!
We now know why our doggies were getting sick about a month ago - they had dug a couple of holes in the yard and were drinking the water that was coming up from below. YUK again!

Come to find out our run off pipes were about 300 feet short ~ so that is what they are doing now.
Diggin up the yard and laying pipes.

This was one of the doggies drinking holes - YUK!

On to the MEAN PEOPLE ~ oh my!
My younger sister just moved 2 hours down the road and while they are house hunting her job pays for a hotel. Not knowing how long they'd be in there before finding a place to live they brought along a few of their favorite things to entertain themselves - one being a present my mom & dad purchased them for an early Christmas present - a Wii. Well, they left the Wii fit (we got them for Christmas -early) in the car and brought the Wii into the room and guess what - while they were out yesterday it was stolen!! Can you believe that someone who obviously had access to the room STOLE their Wii? I have recommend she not stop until some one either returns the Wii or someone loses a job over it! They will also file a police report and hopefully insurance will replace the cost - but it's so hard to find one of those things these days. Just amazes me how MEAN some people can be - especially during this time of the year!! Guess all we can do is pray for them.

Okay, now that you are probably totally grossed out & mad about mean people in this world ~
have a great day!


petrii said...

I'm so sorry about your septic problems. And oh my stars that is terrible about the Wii. Hopefully they can get it back.

Have a Blessed week,

Linda said...

The yard... Yuk! The mean people...double Yuk!
Have a good trip.
Love ya,

justabeachkat said...

Good golly! Septic trouble anytime is awful, but especially during the Holidays. Bless your heart!

Don't you wish the mean stinky people who stole the Wii would be the ones have septic trouble. I do.

Christmas hugs!

Sugar Bear said...

Oh septic problems are the worst for sure! I can't believe the Wii was stolen! Whenever I'm in a hotel I lock everything up in my suitcase when I leave for the day - my mother always told me to do this and my hubby always thinks I'm paranoid but obviously there are bad people everywhere. Such a shame.

CatHerder said...

Yuck..septic problems...been there done that..ours actually exploded and looked like a geyser in our yard...and so sorry about the Wii. That is horrible. The only I can say, is what goes around comes around. Its unfortunate that you can not trust people. :-( On a happier note, wishing you a happy holiday season!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am so sorry about both. It makes me so angry when people do mean things like that..M..

Alice J said...

What a mess in your yard?! Hope the problem is fixed soon! I had been out of touch with you but now I know what you been up to. Whew!
That's awful about the Wii, too! Hope they get that back soon!
Have a blessed day!
I will be praying for you and your sister.
God Bless,

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Sweetie, after all the years in the military that you and the family spent, you just had to know that mean people are EVERYWHERE...all we can do is pray for them...sorry your sis lost her outfit, so close to Christmas...
And thank the Lord that you're getting septic line extended! The builder should be footing that bill...really!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you had the septic problem. We had to hook up to city
because our septic was not operating properly and we had not been hooked up when we bought the ]
house. Everything was fine and then within the past year I have
a "small hole" in the ground where
the septic was. So I'll have to
get it filled in. Hope all is well
now. So sorry about Deb but it
sounds like maybe she might find
out something, likely not. Take
care, Love, Grandma

joan said...

Hi Sandy,

Things like septic problems are a real pain. Hope you get it fixed soon. Your poor puppies, drinking that. My kitty likes to drink the water under our tree insead of her fresh water. Who knows why animals do this? I don't understand people who steal, I really don't. Have a good weekend!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I had a rosary stolen from my suitcase in my hotel room in Rome. I'd be mad except for the fact that some poor soul has been praying over that thing with no results.
What goes around, comes around!